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How to Know If Your Partner is a Keeper

Here is How to Know if He’s The One With These 10 Things


Although it’s been said that you should judge your partner with their actions as opposed to words but we can never remove or ignore words because they are important and they are some people’s love language. Still, what he says matters and every word is important.

Here is how to know if your partner is the one. He should mention one of these things at least weekly.

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  • “I love you.”These words are important, no matter how we hear them, we still want more. He doesn’t have to say it every day but he does have to say it when it counts and with ease. Declaring those three little words ALWAYS makes a difference.
  •  “I trust you.”Trust is a huge deal to guys. He might not tell you outrightly that he trusts you but if he is vulnerable with you and confides his deepest desires and secrets, you are on the right path.
  •  “I know.”This statement is an acknowledgement of your feelings. He gets you like no other, and he’s letting you know that he is there for you with compassion. After saying “I know”, nothing else needs to be said, a touch, a squeeze of your hand, or a drying of a tear, those speak volumes.
  • “You’re hilarious.”Firstly, your boyfriend apparently is fun. Secondly, he thinks you bring it to him. Couples who laugh together, stay together. And who doesn’t want a lifetime of lightness and joy?
  • “You’ve got this!”Whatever it is that you are about to go through, this man is your biggest cheerleader. He is brilliant enough to know that both pushing and encouraging you will help you realize your hopes and dreams. And when you do, he’ll be right there celebrating with you.
  • “You look hot!”Even though you know he loves you for your personality, compliments like these will keep your relationship exciting. Accept it, you want to feel wanted and beautiful.
  • “What do you think?”Your bobo asks your opinion because it matters to him, because you matter to him. This shows that he respects you and considers you his partner.
  • “I support you.”He is not going to always agree with your course of action but at the same time, if he can stand by you and your decisions, you’ve probably got one of the awesome guys.
  • “Here’s my take.”

    If your man is willing to give you his honest perspective on a tricky situation and, doesn’t always expect you to fall in line, you should stick a little bit closer to him. His kind is rare.

  • “I’m sorry.”It takes a humble man to admit his mistakes and you want someone who isn’t going to act like he has no flaws, someone who is comfortable in his skin and is willing to grow and become a better partner.

So if your man says any of these out loud to you at least once in a week, you gotta grab him and keep him.


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