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How To Find A Career That Speaks To Your Passion

How To Find A Career That Speaks To Your Passion

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, which we see as something positive. This may make no sense to you. You may wonder if we’re an advocate for suffering! We are not.

But we sure know that within all the challenges you have experienced are also significant opportunities to discover a career will be utterly passionate about. And because challenges are inevitable, we want to help you find a way to see them as the fertile ground for career fulfillment they are.

Have A Career You Love Instead Of One You Were Typecast Into

If you’ve ever been pushed in the direction of a particular profession based on something other than your passion, then take heart and continue reading this.

8 Questions To Help You Figure Out A Career You’ll Love

How To Find A Career That Speaks To Your Passion

You might say, “I have no doubt i will be incredibly successful in my chosen profession.” Imagine though, how things may have turned out had you not been willing to deal with your challenges, dig deep, and discover a career you were passionate about.

You can start immediately to figure out a career you will love. START NOW! Set aside a little bit of time, be totally honest with yourself – even if it feels a little ridiculous! – and enjoy the adventure of answering these questions:

1. What motivates me in life?

2. What have I wanted, but never gotten, in life?

3. What energizes me? How?

4. What brings me the most joy? Why?

5. What are my biggest interests?

6. What do I REALLY, REALLY want in life?

7. Who do I enjoy being around? Why?

8. How can I turn these loves and desires into a statement of purpose for the next several years of my life?

How To Find A Career That Speaks To Your Passion

When you’re finished answering them, you’ll have gained insight about yourself as well as some career possibilities that speak to your passion.

If you find this a little daunting, don’t worry. This is when a career coach comes in handy, to support you through the times you feel overwhelmed or stuck.

Find Your Purpose

Being stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you is like dragging through life smothered in a wet blanket. Sure, you have a payslip coming in. The bills get paid. But it’s not much fun to spend your days uninspired and unengaged, especially if you’re also struggling with issues that you’ve been told limit your career choices.

Instead, we want you to experience the satisfaction of discovering a career that speaks to your passion. We encourage you to use the wisdom you gained from dealing with and overcoming your challenges to sharpen your self-awareness and home in on the perfect career choice with you.


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