How to End a Fight With Your Partner

Arguments with your partner can be so provocative and they often start for a silly reason and then escalate beyond imagination.

Fights like this can only end if a partner is patient and calm, and tries to absorb the situation and understand it from their significant other’s point of view.

To achieve this, you ought to understand that the person you’re having a quarrel with is not your enemy but the person you love the most.

Below are surefire ways on how to end a fight with your partner.


  1. Remember the things you love about them

You will surely love some qualities of your partner. When you’re fighting, remember these qualities as they will make you more tolerant and patient. Remember the good things they’ve done for you and the good memories you share.


  1. Try to listen not just hear

You should listen attentively to your partner when they’re expressing themselves. Often times, we tend to hear so that they can finish their statement and we can reply. The right thing to do is to stop being defensive and try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. This is the only way you can understand their viewpoint.


  1. Focus on being kind

When picking words, act as a smart and wise person. This is because words are very powerful and they cannot be taken back once they have been said.

Your partner is one of the closest people in your life and you shouldn’t say a word that will hurt them to take advantage of their weaknesses or a mistake they’ve made in the past.

Ensure that you’re kind and nice and watch every word that comes out of your mouth.


  1. Say magical words

“Your happiness matters to me.” “You are pretty.” “I love you more than you can ever imagine” “I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” “It looks like you’ve had a long day.” “You’re right. I understand what you’re trying to say.”

These words have the power to sooth any rift between you and your significant other. When you say them, make sure that you mean them.


  1. Give them a hug/kiss

A hug and kiss can have the power to end a fight. A kind gesture in the middle of a fight will make your significant other remember how much they love and care about you. And how much you do too!


  1. Take them out

You can suggest taking them out so that you both can recap the whole thing in your head and continue the argument when you’re both less tensed.


Relationships are based on compromise; always take the step to end an argument with your partner. However, if the fight is over big things like abuse and infidelity, then you might need to seek the help of a relationship counselor.


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