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How to Dress Well for the Man on the go

Waking up late does not always mean dressing tardy. Here are 5 tips for the busy man to stay stylish.

How to Dress Well for the Man on the go

Have you ever snoozed to the last minute before and then woke up to see that you have less than 5 minutes to get out of the house?

Truth is, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a rush with literally no time to get dressed properly.

You then ask, how does one stay organized in this hurricane of a society? The answer is having disciplined systems and this is especially true in the area of personal style. You need is to make some time to set a system that saves you time while elevating your style.

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Here are 5 simple steps that will get you on the right track in setting up a system that saves you time.

  • Plan Outfits The Night Before: When you wake up late and you are in a rush, more often than not, you are on autopilot and the fewer decisions to make the better. Having your outfit for the next day laid out and ready helps you in the morning. Plan before what you are going to wear the next day before you go to bed. Advantages of doing this are Time saved, time to fix any problems and better choices
  • Have A Morning Ritual: It is very rare to be stressed and still be in control of your immediate environment. Having a ritual helps bring control back into your life because they are constant. Having a morning routine in place allows you to take a close look at how you start your day and figure out how to get the most from it. They also help you accomplish ordinary tasks without having to consciously think about how to do them which saves you precious mental energy for more pressing matters later in the day.
  • Keep Your Closet Organized: Keeping your wardrobe organized helps you know where things are so you don’t have to wonder when you are in a rush. Stick to a simple system of organizing your clothes, shoes and accessories to save time when dressing for work in the morning. The less clutter, the less time you will need to search for every or any accessory.
  • Minimize Clothing Decisions: If the majority of items in your wardrobe can be worn interchangeably, you don’t have to think about which shirt or tie matches a particular jacket or trousers. It’s a simple rule of multiplication that involves mixing and matching a few items of clothing to leave you with a large number of outfit combinations.
  • Have a stylist: This one is for people who have money to spare which is why it is last on the list. You can have someone do all the shopping and styling for you for a monthly fee. The perks are they save you time spent shopping for the ordinary details. They have the surprise factor meaning you may get an item that you wouldn’t normally purchase on your own.


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