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How to Deep Fry in a Pan

How to Deep Fry in a Pan

Are you habituate to deep-frying foods? However, you don’t have a deep fryer at home? No worries, you can now enjoy deep-frying food even without a deep fryer. All you need is a quality frying pan. Also, you must know how to deep fry in a pan properly.

Ever noticed, how many time the restaurant uses the same oil for frying different menu! It’s beyond your assumption. Luckily, you can deep fry your favorite food in a pan using fresh oil. Indeed, it’s a healthy choice for all.

To deep-fry safely and confidently, you only need to follow some simple rules. Here is our expert guide to getting you started.

Things to Know Before Deep Frying

You need to know few things before you start deep frying;

• Since you are about to fry in stove-top so make sure you remove flammable items around.

• Make sure to use oil that has a high smoke point. We prefer to use sunflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil, or peanut oil.

• Use the right pot, like use smaller pans for the small number of foods. Similarly, use large containers for more amount of foods.

• You can use a deep-fry thermometer to check the temperature of the oil. The suitable oil temperature is around 190oC or 375oF. Remember, the oil began to burn when the oil temperature exceeds 400oF.

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• Before putting the frozen foods, wipe the excess water with a tissue. Clean other utensils as well.

Equipments needed:

• Oil (Obviously!)
• Deep frying pan or a wok
• Large metal tong or a long chopstick or spatula
• Strainer
• Deep frying thermometer (If possible)

Deep-frying in a Pan

Now you know all the precautions, and you have all the tools in hand. Here is how to deep fry in a pan.

• At first, preheat the pan and add oil slowly. Do not use excess oil as it’ll only cause splatter. Increase the heat up to 340 to 350oF.

• Now check whether the oil is hot enough to fry your foods. You can either check this by putting a chopstick into the oil. If you see the bubble around the chopstick, it means the oil is ready to go.

Or else, leave a piece of foods or batter into the oil. If it goes to the bottom, then it means the oil is not ready. At 350oF oil temperature, the food stays at the middle of oil after dropping.

• When the oil is ready, drop the food slowly into the oil with a tong or chopstick.

• Never put too many amounts of food at a time. It will do nothing but drop the oil temperature. As a result, the fried food will absorb too many oils.

• Make sure you lower the food into the oil to ensure even frying. Once the food gets the color as you wanted, remove it using a strainer. After draining the excess oil, keep it over a paper towel.

• Between each batch, remove excess crumbs with a fine-mesh sieve. It will protect the oil from burning. Since the oil is still fresh, strain the rest oil after getting cold. Store the oil into a container for later.


It is quite easy, only if you know how to deep fry in a pan. Now you can try all your deep fry recipes at home. See you soon with another exciting topic in our next articles.

From all of us at Reterdeen, Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy!


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