How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband


An alcoholic husband can be the wrecking ball in what was a perfect marriage. What was once a strong emotional bond shared by two people in love will start to dissipate seemingly overnight.

Being an alcoholic is a serious condition that you should deal with carefully in order to see the best results. Many people think that once their husband becomes an alcoholic, all hope for a happy marriage is lost.

If you truly love your husband and are ready to exercise patience and faith in them, there are things you can do to help. Knowing how to deal with an alcoholic husband is the first step in building you marriage back to what it was before.

1. Have A Serious Talk

This may seem like a cliche way to deal with an alcoholic husband but it is one of the most effective and important ways to start the path towards recovery. Gather some people that you feel have a high salience with your husband.

What this means is someone who he cares about like children, siblings, parents, and close friends. In order to make your husband feel comfortable, only find a few people. If you go overboard and invite a large group your alcoholic husband may feel threatened or embarrassed.

Pick a comfortable time and place to have the talk and most importantly, find a time when your husband is not under the influence. Let your husband know how much you care about them and then tell them how you feel about them being an alcoholic. Many relationships with an alcoholic husband only get worse due to a lack of communication.

Letting your husband know about the problem and how them being an alcoholic it is affecting the people they care about can be a powerful source of motivation to change.

2. Consider Group Therapy

A lot of alcoholics refuse to do group therapy as a way to deal with being an alcoholic because they have no idea how much it can help. After just a single meeting most people realize how helpful and beneficial group meetings can be.

They consist of people dealing with the same alcoholic struggle in a confidential environment. This is a comforting way to get an alcoholic to open up about their lifestyle. If they seem reluctant to participate, try making a deal with them.

3. Locate The Source To Deal With The Problem

Another way to deal with an alcoholic husband is to locate the reason the alcoholism initially developed. There are many different reasons people become addicted to alcohol. If you can single out the reason you may be able to pinpoint the issue and effectively reduce the chances of heavy drinking.

The following are some of the more common reasons people become an alcoholic.

Genetics – Studies have shown that when someones parent is an alcoholic they are four times more likely to become one themselves. Without being to intrusive, find out more about your husband’s history and if possible arrange a meeting with their parents.

Physiological Factors – If your husband has existing physiological problems like depression, anxiety, or stress issues they are more susceptible to become an alcoholic. If your husband suffers from any of these issues try finding some professional help to deal with the tension.

Personal Issues – There are many different stresses in everyday life that make people become an alcoholic. Work, intimacy issues, family problems, friends, and media sources can all contribute to an addiction.

The best way to deal with this is by maintaining solid conversation on a daily basis. Sometimes just letting your emotions out can be an incredible catharsis.



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