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How to Cut Your Wardrobe in Half and Why You Should

Asking yourself how you can cut your whole wardrobe into half and why you should? Read this post.

How to Cut Your Wardrobe in Half and Why You Should

Do you ever find yourself staring at your clothes in the morning wondering how you can have so many items in the closet but still have nothing to wear?

Don’t worry, This post is going to show you how cutting your wardrobe in half will lead to a quicker dressing routine and a more stylish you.

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  • You are not wearing most of it: If we go by statistic, people only wear 20% of their wardrobe regularly and having a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t even wear makes getting ready less fun. Whether you realise it or not, you are always grabbing the same stuff to wear while the rest of your clothes collected dust.
  •  You spend too much time on laundry. When you have more clothes to wear, you have more clothes to wash and put away. You need to streamline the process as fewer clothes equal less laundry to clean, fold, hang up or put away.HOW TO CUT YOUR WARDROBE IN HALF The idea is to separate everything by colours and styles and then split the wardrobe into two similar, but separate, wardrobes. One goes back into your closet and the other into giving out or storage.FIRST STEPS
  1. Look at every item of clothing you have not worn in a while, and try to figure out why. Those items either go directly into the give out pile or go on to step 2.
  2.  Every item of clothing gets tried on. If it does not fit correctly, it’s thrown in the donation pile.
  3.  Look for holes, stain, wears and tears that you might not have noticed, if there is, toss it.
  4. Start going through your clothes by category. Start with shirts then sweaters and jackets, pants, jeans and shorts, then skirts and dresses.


  • Lay out all items by colour, pattern, and style. It’s much easier to see how many clothings you own that are similar when they are categorized this way.

Now split them up based on similar colour, pattern, & style. Basically, making two similar wardrobes from the existing one.


  • Breaking your clothes down into categories such as, shorts, pants, skirts and dresses and then according to styles and colours which will make things less complicated. If you try to do your whole wardrobe at once, it would seem like a lot more work.
  • Keep colours in mind when splitting your clothes. Put blue skirts in one pile and red pants in another. Next, matched the shirts up with the colour of pants or skirts they work best with.
  • Continue sorting all your clothes in a similar manner until you’ve gone through all of them. Place one half back in your closet and place the other in storage or give them out.


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