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How to Cope When a Friendship Breaks

It can also hurt when a friendship ends, check out 6 ways to help you come with it.

How to Cope When a Friendship Breaks

Depending on the kind of friendship, breaking up with a friend can hurt us as much as breaking up with a romantic partner.

When we are dating someone, in a far away corner of our mind we somehow bear the possibility that it may or may not work out, but with a friend, we never bear that in mind, we assume that it’ll be for the long run.

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So, getting over an unexpected break-up with your friend can be equally hard as you never really see it coming. Here are a few ways to cope with it if you are in that situation.

  • Don’t cut off all ties: It is understandable that you are sad, angry and hurt right now but try not to say things which would mean complete amputation of this relationship as situations and perspectives may change. You may want to reconcile with them so don’t shut this door completely.
  • Know when to stop: If you have tried contacting them in every way possible, left them a dozen messages, called them, asked for help from mediators etc then you need to know that you have done enough. Self-respect should come into play here and make you back off. Accept that the person does not want to communicate with you and move forward.
  • Get rid of the reminders: Now that you are sure it’s over, seeing things that remind you of them might hurt you or provoke you. It is okay to save yourself the emotional turmoil and get rid of all the memories even if it is from social networks, and your phone.
  • Divert your attention: Crying and feeling sorry all day is not going to help with the healing process. Instead, look for healthy distractions which will keep you busy and prevent you from over thinking. Find something to just keep yourself busy.
  • Spend time with other friends: Yes, your friendship was the irreplaceable kind but the fact is you guys are not on the best of terms right now. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore your other friends and acquaintances. Chances are you might find a new best friend and even better and they might have some of the additional qualities your ex-friend lacked.
  • Learn from it: Like all other bad experiences that might have happened in our life, learn from this one too. If it was your fault, try to work on those shortcomings and be a better friend, if it wasn’t, learn from that too.


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