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How To Choose Perfect Wedding Jewelry For Your Special Day

How To Choose Perfect Wedding Jewelry For Your Special Day

Getting ready for your wedding? If so, this must be a hectic time. You have so much to do before the big day. Finding the right jewelry among the major decisions you have to make. Most brides focus too much on the bridal gown forgetting the crucial role wedding accessories play.

If you want to make your special day glamorous, you have to think hard on the type of jewelry you choose. Many brides have realized too late the impact of wedding jewelry, and you should avoid this pitfall.

This guide offers some tips on selecting the perfect wedding jewelry for the big day.

1. Your Bridal Dress is the Key

The biggest decision you have to make for your special day is the bridal dress. Many brides spend months contemplating on the right dress. After months of thought and consultations, you don’t want the wrong choice of jewelry to ruin your magnificent bridal dress.

When choosing your jewelry, you have to do a balancing act. You shouldn’t let your jewelry steal the spotlight from your dress, or you. The starting point should always be the gown.

For an ivory dress, go for gold jewelry. If you choose a bridal dress with hues of pink, rose gold jewelry works fine. If your gown is champagne, gold jewelry will enhance the warm tones of your dress.

2. Consider your skin tone

Your skin tone is important any time you want to buy jewelry. For your special day, it is even more important because you want to get everything right. Take a look:

Warm skin tone: Yellow gold and rich rose gold will work well with this skin tone.
Cool skin tones: Works well with bright colored jewelry such as sapphires and amethysts.

3. Your Bridal Dress Neckline

Your gown’s décolletage helps in choosing the type of necklace and earrings you choose. Take a look:

V-neckline: This neckline is great for décolletage decoration. A choker or pendant works fine, and you can also add a pair of nice earrings to complete the look.
Halter or reverse halter: For this neckline, the focus should be on your hair. Look for hair accessories such as pins, combs, or vines.
Strapless or sweetheart wedding gown: You can choose from a wide array of accessories from a stand-out statement, or a simple pendant.
High-necked dress: This is not the best dress for décolletage decoration. You should wear statement earrings to avoid overcrowding your décolletage area.

4. Consider your face shape

Your face shape is important when choosing bridal jewelry. Here are some considerations:

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Oval-shaped face: This is a versatile/perfect face shape that can work with different jewelry options. For instance, you can choose a long necklace or short necklace, small earrings, or dangling hoops.
Round-Shaped Face: The objective of choosing jewelry for your face is to lengthen its appearance. Go for a long, looping necklace with diamond or pearl strands. You can also combine a wearing long, dramatically vertical earrings.
Heart shaped faces: You have a narrower chin area and a short and curved necklace is ideal. Go for a thick choker or large pendant-short chain necklace which will take the focus from your forehead.

5. Less is More

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing bridal jewelry is to overdo it. Most bridal wear designers advise on avoiding jewelry that will take the attention from you.

This is your special day, and you have taken a lot of time choosing a magnificent gown. If you overdo the jewelry, your overall look will look crowded. Anyone who looks at you will not take away anything unique.

It is tempting to add layers of jewelry for your big day, but in the end, you will have ruined that dream look. Any accessory you add to your dress must have a purpose.

6. Be comfortable

Many brides suffer due to the wrong choice of jewelry on the biggest day of their life. When choosing bridal jewelry, it is advisable to go with metal items that you know.

In essence, your comfort should come first. Don’t overload your neck with a heavy necklace to stay in vogue. You might end up concentrating on your necklace the entire day and missing out on everything else.

7. Start Buying Bridal Jewelry Early

It is advisable to start buying your bridal jewelry early. Once you have decided on the bridal gown color and design, you have everything you need to select the bridal jewelry.

You will have enough time to look at trends in the market, compare different metals and gemstones, among other things.


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