How to Build Trust And Influence On Linkedin

Linkedin a social media platform and a powerful one at that used in establishing a successful professional brand.Having an identity professionally is very important. It’s one of the major steps to career excellence, and one way you can do it is by using LinkedIn. this is why I have put together a few ways to help you establish trust and influence on the platform. Check them out:

Improve Your Linkedin Profile

Your Linkedin profile goes a long way to telling a lot about you before anyone decides to connect on with you. The details on your profile should be very well and genuinely detailed. A strong professional LinkedIn profile creates opportunities for meaningful connections and interactions with other professionals.

LinkedIn is one of the largest databases of professional contacts in the world. Similar to how people discover you on Google, LinkedIn relies on keywords to rank your profile.

You should be aware that many people do online research on people they’re about to meet and so therefore, your LinkedIn profile, along with the profile image, will be the top search result if run on Google or Bing search.

The keywords you list in the Professional Headline field will have the most impact on your ranking among similar professionals on LinkedIn. You have 120 characters available to make an impact.

Just as the saying goes, ‘How you appear is the way you are addressed’ could also be said about your Linkedin profile.

Foster Your Community

Simply growing your network on LinkedIn isn’t enough. While more connections mean better social proof, gaining real trust requires an ongoing relationship-building effort. Consistency is a key factor in building trust and influence on Linkedin.

Put-Out Posts on Linkedin

LinkedIn shows your updates to all of your contacts in their news feed, similar to how Facebook and Twitter show updates to their users. Your contacts will have a chance to interact with and respond to your updates.

When publishing content on LinkedIn, be mindful of the blog format. Well-researched posts, posts with lists, and links to supporting materials do well on LinkedIn. The typical length of a LinkedIn article is 800-900 words.

Frequent update of your timeline goes a long way in contributing to achieving influence and trust on Linkedin as it shows a long way to proof to your audience that whatever brand you are representing is genuine and could be easily known off through steadily orchestrated publishing and the likes.

Publishing an article on LinkedIn Publisher has a distinct advantage. All of your contacts will see a notification that you published a post. This will increase the chances of multiple people seeing your content.

Give Before You Ask

Most people on the Linkedin network platform actually aim at achieving a purpose and by so doing, become an active supporter of a goal and apply a “give-before-you-ask” strategy. By being authentic and straightforward in your interactions, you’ll build reciprocal relationships.

One of the easiest ways to “give” is to engage with the posts your network is sharing. Like posts in your news feed or LinkedIn Pulse and add your unique perspective to relevant issues with a comment.

Endorsing your contacts is a great way to reconnect and stay in touch.

Group Participation

Linkedin is all about networking. Why be on Linkedin if you are not ready to connect with others by joining different groups beneficial to your purpose?

A Linkedin user is allowed the limit of joining up to 50 groups at a time and on these groups, topics are discussed and questions are answered. Like I said earlier, interaction matters a lot when trying to build trust and influence and by joining groups, this purpose is met easily as there are more of observers than engagers on the platform.

These tips, if followed carefully, can help you create a strong presence and build connections on the professional platform. Use them and thank me later! Good luck!



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