How to Become an Efficient Sales Representative in Just 7 Days


Many sales representatives who are struggling to break through plateaus feel as though they do not need to improve their process. They tend to believe that what they are doing now is working and that they have yet to catch a lucky break.

Most times, this proves not to be true. When a sales representative struggles to reach the success they’re searching for, there are likely at least some areas in which they could improve.

Additionally, these do not necessarily have to be drastic changes either. Often, the changes are minor. Don’t believe us? Consider these seven tips that sales representatives can implement to become more efficient within seven days. We recommend trying to practice a new tip each day and checking in at the end of the week to see if you feel as though you’ve become more successful.

Be Positive

This may be difficult for some sales representatives to implement, especially if they feel as though they are stuck in a rut and that nothing is going their way. However, you should try to turn negative experiences into positive ones. If a potential customer rejects your pitch, try to identify why this was the case, and work to adjust for the next time. Remember, customers want you to create a positive sales experience!

Be More Charismatic

Once you’ve practiced positivity, you should practice being more charismatic and sociable. Potential customers want to feel as though they have a connection with you. Studies show that nurtured leads can result in up to 20% more sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads. Let your personality shine through when selling.


Set Out To Make A Difference

Instead of sitting back and waiting for chances to fall into your lap, you should instead be proactive about going to find new opportunities. Now that you’re friendlier and more positive, you never know where a unique chance may appear.

Practice Honesty

Now that you’ve changed the way you look at the sales practice, you should seek to be more honest with your potential customers and with yourself. Being honest about what you’re selling can help develop a stronger connection with your clients, opening the door to long-term success.

Be Patient

Remind yourself that the sales process takes time and that relationships aren’t going to develop overnight. Instead of growing frustrated, keep grinding away. Seek to establish relationships with all of your leads, even if they do not seem interested initially.

Refresh Your Knowledge Of The Sales Process

The best sales representative never lose control of the sales process. To do so, they must remain knowledgeable of every facet of the process. If there is an area in which you’re lacking, take the time to learn about it.

Get To Know Your Customers

How much do you know about your customers? Sure, you know who they work for and what they do. But do you know about the problems they’ve struggled to overcome at work? How many kids they have? Doing so could allow you to connect better than ever before.

Don’t Forget About Your Brand
After you’ve implemented the above changes into your sales routine, you should take the time to evaluate your brand outreach.


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