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How To Achieve A Successful First Date

Want a successful date? You are all excited about the date you’re going on with that handsome hunk or beautiful damsel.

How To Achieve A Successful First Date

You’ve got your hair cut, crimped and colored, had a facial, manicure and pedicure; you’ve even managed to do a few extra sit-ups to flatten that already flat tummy. That little black dress you reserved for this special occasion fits you perfectly. You look great, feel great and just can’t wait!! You feel ultra-confident and know you’re going to make a great first impression on your date.


Now that you’re all set to look drop-dead gorgeous- Stop! Take a few minutes off from the hustle and bustle of looking good and just relax. Now is probably a good time to think of what next. You’ve made a good first impression, you now need to work at it and hold your date’s interest with some interesting conversation to make a successful date. No, you don’t need to brush up on your IQ or catch up with current events or politics. Your date is interested in dating you the person, not a walking, talking encyclopedia.

Have fun

Really, it’s easier than you think and just gets even easier as you go along. Just relax, smile, make eye contact and have fun! If this the first time both of you are going on a date together you may want to know a bit more about each other. For a successful date, exchange information about where you were born and a little bit about your childhoods. A fun topic would be reliving yours as well as your dates first day in school. If either of you have just moved into the area, an interesting topic would be what it was like living and growing up in another state.

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Talk About Movies and Music

Music and movies are great topics for conversations for a successful date and a good choice should be made all this will lead a date on how to prepare a successful date. They are light-hearted, allow for independent opinion without causing any heated discussions. Talk about your favorite artist and talk about the highlights of that great movie you watched. Discus the latest blockbuster movie that’s running in theaters all over and what impressed you most a but it. Find out what movies or music your date is interested in. You are sure to find a genre that both of you are great fans of. This could open the door for a few concert dates or maybe a few dates at the movies.

Hobbies anyone?

Hobbies are another easy, non- controversial topic. Discuss all the interesting hobbies you’ve ever indulged in and relate some interesting anecdotes related to them. Learn something about your date’s hobbies too. Never presume that just because you are interested in something, your date is too. Ask. That way you know for sure you are not boring your date to death.

Keep it Light and Simple

Politics and religion are absolute no-no topics on a date. Don’t bombard your date with heavy duty questions and don’t hog the conversation either. Give your date the opportunity to initiate any conversation he wants to as well as time to respond to you. The key is to relax and have a balanced conversation. To have a successful date look directly at your date when either of you is speaking and really listen to what he is saying. This will no doubt make a successful date.


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