How Junk Foods Affect Your Health

In recent time, many people tend to be too busy or feel lazy to enter the kitchen that Junk food is the only thing they now consume. Junk food is cheap and is very easy to get but the number of harm they do to our body is very alarming.

Despite the sweet taste of junk foods, eating well-cooked and healthy homemade food is the best. Like we all know, consuming fruits is key to a healthy body. Most junk food is made up of sugar, that’s why many people tend to consume more and more but before you buy yourself another junk food, read this article to the end and I’m sure you will have a change of mind. Without further ado, let’s check how junk food affects the health.

1. Cancer: Junk food consumption is linked to cancer of the digestive system because of the inadequate fiber in them. According to a study from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center, men who ate fried foods three or more times a month had a higher chance of developing prostate cancer. Another study by the European Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that people who consume too much junk food had increased risk of developing Colorectal cancer.

2. Type 2 Diabetes: In recent times, diabetes has been on the rise and studies have shown that consumption of junk food is the primary reason. When you consume only junk food, your body will fail to make proper use of insulin due to the excessive stress of your metabolism. This will eventually increase your sugar level.

3. Heart disease: So many junk foods are filled with saturated fats. These saturated fats can spike up your blood triglycerides and Cholesterol level, thus resulting in heart disease.

4. Damages the liver: it’s not only the consumption of alcohol that can damage the liver. The cookies, cakes, chocolates and other kinds of junk food you eat for a long period of time can spoil the liver.

5. Fatigue: After eating puff and washing it down with a can of chilled soft drink, you fill full and satisfied right? But what you just ate don’t have nutrients like vitamins and proteins that are essential for good health. Consuming junk food often will lower your energy level thus resulting to chronic fatigue.

6. Digestive problem: So many junk foods are deep fried. When you consume it, the oil gets deposited the outer surface of the stomach lining, thus resulting in Serious digestive problem like irritable bowel syndrome.

Final words
if you want to live a healthy life, stay away from junk food. It might interest you to not that junk food kills the sexual appetite of a man and increase the menstrual cramp of a woman. Always remember Health is Wealth.


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