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How do you know you are dating the wrong person? Find out how

This is not us judging your choices. We are just looking out for you.

10 Obvious Signs That You Are Self-dating

Are you currently in a relationship and some things are not adding up? You are also wondering if the things you are noticing can be classified under red flags? If you answered YES to one or both questions then this post is definitely for you.

Here are signs to confirm to you that you are dating the wrong person

  • THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW YOU THE BEST AREN’T VERY IMPRESSED: Trust the people who have known you the longest, your family, your friends, your tribe. They have way more life experience and they can see things you cannot. Often, you need to listen to the opinions of others.
  • PEOPLE SAY YOU’VE CHANGED A LOT SINCE YOU STARTED DATING THEM: Of course, some sort of change is expected to happen when you enter a new relationship, but the core of who you are should remain the same. If people say you have changed, then you should watch out.
  • YOU DON’T SEE YOURSELF MARRYING THEM OR PARENTING WITH THEM: What is the point of a relationship if you do not see yourselves tying the knot? Or starting a family with the person? We are not saying you have to know in the first weeks, but make sure your non-negotiables line up from the start.
  • HE/SHE DOESN’T TAKE THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOUR PARENTS, YOUR SIBLINGS AND YOUR BEST FRIENDS: If you are truly going to spend your life with this person, he/she is going to be spending a lot of time with your people and vice versa. If they are not making an effort now, it’s pretty unlikely that this will change in the future. Whatever is done while dating will be doubled when married.
  • YOU FIND YOURSELF MAKING EXCUSES TO  OTHERS ABOUT THEIR ACTIONS: When you think about it, you always have an answer ready to let them off the hook or get off easily instead of confronting the real issues. You really don’t have a need to constantly defend the right person.
  •  THEY AREN’T REALLY GOING ANYWHERE IN THEIR OWN FUTURE: When you listen to them speak, you see no clear goals for the future. They just seem to be winging it and taking whatever comes. We are not saying you should be their entire 10-year plan but are they making good decisions regardless of yours or are they just walking and swinging their arms waiting for whatever happens? They should be working towards a better future regardless of you being a part of their lives or not.


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