How Do You Know if Your Partner is Into You?

In relationships, we sometimes want our needs to be met all times, without considering if the other party is okay with it.

Ladies become confused when their needs aren’t met at the right time. An example is a man who makes unplanned calls without considering if the woman is busy or a man who keeps making excuses and turning down dates due to his busy schedule.

How do you know if your partner is into you? These are ways to find out.


Traits of a man who doesn’t adore his partner:

  1. He doesn’t inform his partner that he is travelling until the D-day.
  2. When he is spending time with her, he becomes irritable and complains so much about different things.
  3. He doesn’t call her often and then, he suddenly calls after several weeks.
  4. He is always busy and he never creates time to spend with his partner.
  5. After fixing a date with his partner, he calls and cancels it without a tangible reason or genuine explanation.
  6. He hardly takes her out. He doesn’t show her to his friends or family members. He hardly spends his money on his partner. He rarely buys her gift.


These are the traits of a man who adores his partner:

  1. His friends and family members tease him that he must have been charmed by his partner but he is madly in love with her. He doesn’t care because all he feels is love.
  2. He makes a plan, considering his partner’s schedule and he consults her before doing so.
  3. He feels guilty when he has to cancel a date. He calls his partner, explains the reason for having to do so and apologize.
  4. He is always happy to be in his partner’s company. Everyone knows that he looks happier whenever he is around her. He is always happy to be in his partner’s company.
  5. He can do anything to put a smile on his partner’s face. He surprises her with gifts and reminds her often of how much she means to him.

Now you know if your partner is into you or not!



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