How Consumers Use Social Media To Choose Brands


It is no longer an argument that social media has a massive effect on the way people interact, shop and experience the world. A lot of people out there use social media channels to look for, discover, and purchase new products and brands. The online market has now grown in such a way that it can affect the decisions made by consumers. But how is this possible?

Studies have shown that most consumers online tend to trust and patronize brand based on user-generated-content (UGC). Although several brands spend massively on creating content on social media to get the attention of consumers, it has been proved that consumers would still readily go for brands based on UGC.

What most consumers look for before making decisions on patronizing a brand is the brand’s authenticity. Regardless of the amount of content created by a brand, the consumer is more likely to purchase the brand if it is recommended by other users. User generated content is viewed as the most authentic form of content by end users.

This reality is in sharp contrast to what most marketers think. Marketers believe that the more creative your brand-created content is, the more consumers you will get. But according to research, this belief is not as accurate as the marketers want it to be. No matter how much they try, consumers are more likely to trust and get influenced by content produced by other users like them.

Researchers also say that influencer generated content also go a long way in making people want to check it out.

So if you have a business or you are a marketer, it will be quite good for your business if you can get some previous users to give your products a good review. This will greatly make consumers choose your brand faster.


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