Here’s How to Overcome Pre-Wedding Jitters Like a Boss

While everyone is very excited that it is your most special day, you will try very hard to hide the fact that you feel sick and it feels like you have butterflies in your stomach.

Even the sight of your glamorous wedding dress can fill you with dread. Okay, this is very normal and it shouldn’t be your cue to calling off the wedding.

You are experiencing pre-wedding jitters because you’re about to commit yourself with someone for the rest of your life. This is scary enough to give you some cold.

To get over pre-wedding jitters, these are 5 steps to consider:


  1. Understand the factors that give you stress

The wedding is undoubtedly the reason why you feel stressed. The jitters will be half-solved when you realize that the wedding is the reason for your stress.

Understand these factors and pinpoint them. Are you uncomfortable with the wedding venue? Talk to the wedding planner and express your distaste.


  1. Talk to your groom to be

Brides common delay this, with the fear that they might be hurting their significant other’s feelings. Know that your life will a part of his as from now on and your mess will also be his mess.

Maybe, he is also having pre-wedding jitters. Talk about it and laugh it off.


  1. Have a heart-to-heart talk with a close family member or friend

Sometimes, we just need a sincere speech from someone who knows us very well. Boost your confidence by confiding in someone you trust so much. Do not be scared to explain how you really feel. Someone who care for you will give you comforting words to make you feel better.


  1. Pamper yourself

Know that you’re the bride and your wedding day is all about you. You should get pampered to release tension and make you feel better. So unwind by going to the spa for a massage, watching a favourite movie, spending time alone to watch the sunset, etc.

Creating time out of your busy schedule to entertain yourself is a great way to fight against pre-wedding jitters.


  1. Do not strive for perfection all the time

Perfection is not realistic; you’ll end up feeling unfilled an unhappy. It is actually the root cause of anxiety.

Know that some certain things may not go as planned on your big day. Your family and friends, as well as your wedding coordinator, are there for you. Leave the small details for them to handle.

Focus on enjoying yourself and having a great time with your partner.


Pre-wedding jitters are completely normal, but it is up to you to enjoy your big day!


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