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Here’s How to Have a Fruitful and Productive Week!

Monday sets the pace for a new week with unlimited potentials. It sets the tune of how your week is going to be; productive or unproductive. To have a fruitful week, you ought to start the plan from the first day of the week.

To have a happy, fruitful and productive week, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Be prepared

To have a fruitful week, you should start planning a day before. Wash your clothes and arrange the clothes that will be worn the following week. Ensure that you pack every item before the next morning. You wouldn’t want to search for a pair of shoe, your phone charger or stockings the next morning.


  1. Pray and meditate

It’s with God’s grace that you’re alive to witness another day in sound health. So thank Him for sparing your life and pray that your week is productive. Also, dedicate thirty minutes every day to sit silently and think of nothing. This will free you from all thoughts and make you feel revived and happy.


  1. Set goals

Take some time to write down your goals for the week and all you plan on achieving. This motivates you to work towards actualizing your goals and prevents procrastination. When you write down what you want to achieve for the week, your days will become fruitful as you will be making the best of use of your limited time and optimizing your unlimited potential.


  1. Get the most out of the day

Every second of the day is a precious gift. While you’re still alive, you should get the most out of the day by enjoying life every day and living with vitality. Practice gratitude, love and be happy!


  1. Be disciplined

Setting goals for the week are just like making resolutions for a new year. They are very easy to write down but difficult to accomplish. Being disciplined is the key to accomplishing your goals for the week.

Make it compulsory to stick to your to-do list, manage your time effectively and avoid procrastinating.


  1. Nurture your relationships

The quality of our relationships with loved ones is a determining factor to how happy we can be. Invite your friends for lunch and catch up with the happenings in their lives. Make a call or send a message to your family members. Remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones.


  1. Make a difference

Commit to making a positive difference in the life of another person or the society this week. Smile at the children walking down the road, buy lunch for a beggar on the street, plant a tree, etc.


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