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Here is why Naija should be number one when you are thinking of popular tourist destination

Naija is and should be a popular tourist destination and these are fun facts why

Here is why Naija should be number one when you are thinking of popular tourist destination

See ehn, let us ignore the fact that this our country has k-leg at this exact moment when it comes to nearly all things. We all agree that the country hard but the deep-down truth is that our country is blessed with resources that we sometimes do not acknowledge.

There are so many reasons why Naija should be a tourist destination but for the sake of not boring you to death, we will focus on the fun facts.

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  • We are the most populous country in Africa: We, of course, had to start with what we are known for the most. We plenty die. The estimated population of the country is over 200.96 million, even though the last censors was in 2012 by the Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics, which totalled us to around 166.2 million people. Where else will you find such a diversity of people on the African continent?
  • We are the third most multilingual country in the world: We know that even though English is our official language, Naija has other languages thrown in depending on the part of the country you reside in or are based currently. Our country is home to 521 languages which puts us as the third most multilingual country in the world after Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.
  • Nigerians have one of the sexiest languages: I am not the one that said this o. I am just the bringer of the said news, CNN Global Experiences ranked the Naija accent as the fifth sexiest accent on the planet. Since there are close to 200 million of us, we are dripping sexiness Sir and Ma
  • We own the second largest bridge in Africa: Even though this is a thing of pride in this post, it usually isn’t when you are commuting from the Mainland to the Island. The Third Mainland Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world as its total length is 7.3 miles (11.8km). Until the 6th October Bridge in Cairo was built in 1996, the bridge was considered to be the longest bridge in Africa.
  • Africa’s biggest street party happens here: If you have never attended Africa’s biggest street party in Calabar, you must have at least heard of it. This is one of the most popular destinations for Nigerians and tourists from all over the world and it is a month-long event that includes concerts, parades, fashion shows, beauty pageants and other activities.
  • Nollywood produces more movies than Hollywood: We will not focus on the fact that some of the said Nollywood productions are way below standard and when you watch some, you just wanted to hide. We will not focus on those, what we will focus on is the fact that Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry, ranks as the second-largest movie producer in the world just after India’s Bollywood as we produce around 1,000 films every year.


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