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Here is How to Spot a Nigerian Man With Sense on Social Media

Here is How to Spot a Nigerian Man With Sense on Social Media

Media personality Ajike has taken to social media to reveal how women can tell a sensible Nigerian man.

According to her;

 ‘If you’re like me, who is always single but in need of male company yet won’t go out cos humans suck, and you need a guide on how to maneuver through the riffraffs of Tinder – then this is for you. The rest of you can stop reading at this point’. 

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Ok ladies, I’ve been on Tinder on and off for 5 years now and I’ve noticed a few things that can help you navigate right when swiping left or right. So, Tinder is generally filled with horny Nigerian men who have no money or weak stroke game. (No, I’ve never met a dude off Tinder and fucked him, it’s just something about the way they act and talk that says so).

Anyways, before I get sidetracked, I’m gonna breakdown certain things you need to be on the lookout for before swiping right on that guy just ‘cos he looks so cute. Seriously, you sef, have sense!

His profile pic – Please don’t get carried away by the first cute pic you see when swiping! Make sure you go through ALL his pics before concluding that heart cute. I’ve noticed that the really fugly ones try to take selfies from odd angles so you can’t see their third chin or lazy eye properly. A confident man would “own” each pic, not look like he was forced to take each one. It’s very painful to look at unno.

His bio – So, you’ve spotted a cutie and you’re about swiping right…. Wait!!! Have you checked his bio? Does it include any of the words ‘cool’ ‘calm’ ‘collected’? Please, abort mission! Or is his bio bare yet his photos lack any presence? Must mean the individual lacks sense too. The worst ones are those that actually include “sapiosexual” in their bio. Like, yo! If you were truly sapiosexual your bio would be filled with smart witty quips! If his bio doesn’t seem well thought out but rather has a generic feel to it, please swipe left with immediate effect.

His sense – Now you’ve swiped right and it matches with the cutie you’ve been purring over and it’s time to determine whether or not he is an avid user of common sense. If he already swiped right for you beforehand you did, then you should initiate the convo. Depending on what his response is, you’d know within 10mins of chatting if he has sense or not. Fun thing I like about Tinder is that you can “unmatch” with someone if the person was an ‘error’ swipe.

NOTE – Don’t be too eager to add them on WhatsApp. Chat for a few days on the app with them, get a sense of what they want from you (this mostly depends on what you want too tho), don’t be afraid to let them know if they are being inappropriate or disrespectful. Most importantly, if it’s marriage you’re looking for directly – Tinder is NOT for you! Try “Christian Mingle” or “Facebook”.

I must mention that there are certain accounts you just HAVE TO swipe left for. The ones with no shirt on in almost all their pics, the ones always chilling in the clubs, the ones always taking selfies in cars or by cars, the ones that look like obvious Yahoo Bois, the ones with their wives included in their picture slide, your exes of course, and most importantly any profile of a white military man issa trap! You’d be shocked at how many fraudsters you’d meet on Tinder. Some are there to defraud you of money while most just wanna defraud you of pussy! Stay sharp ladies, because most of these men are moving mad unno.

I do sincerely hope I’ve been able to be of some help to those who have been thinking of joining Tinder. I’ve made some cool friends via there but I’m yet to meet any guy off there that’s worth the risk for a sexual adventure. As I said earlier, this is a Tinder guide for Nigerian women like me. If you know you’re only aspiring to be like me, mbok Twitter is your dating app for now.

Thoughts anyone?


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