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Here is a List of Daycations Outside Lagos

Looking for a Daycation outside Lagos? One of these places will definitely be worth it.

Here is a List of Daycations Outside Lagos

Although surrounded by Water, Lagos is surrounded by cities and towns with historical and cultural significance.

Most of these places, like Lagos itself, had thriving civilizations before the arrival of colonialism. These cities are also located within just two hours or less of Lagos making them an excellent daycation destination.

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  • IBADAN: Established as a war camp in the 1800s, Ibadan has grown to be the largest indigenous city in Africa. It has historical landmarks, such as the first university in Nigeria and the first TV station in Africa etc. The city is surrounded by hills and at the top of one of them is where you can get a view of the ancient city, spread beneath your feet. Ibadan is known for its inexpensive food, which is usually bought directly from the farmers market, and it is famous for amala, gbegiri, ewedu and goat-meat. Agodi Gardens near Ibadan
  • ABEOKUTA: Abeokuta’ means ‘under the rock and it served as a refuge from slave-hunters from Ibadan and Dahomey in 1830, Abeokuta is another cultural and historical landmark that is a delight to explore on a day trip. Olumo Rock is the biggest tourist attraction for Abeokuta. Standing at 137 metres (450 feet) above sea level, the rock has several caves that can be explored. The caves were used by the early Egba settlers as a hideout from their more aggressive neighbours, while some of the caves are dedicated to the gods of Yoruba. Abeokuta’s best-kept secret is the Kemta Market, the largest and oldest market for Adire fabric, a skill that has been passed down from mothers to daughters for centuries.
  • BADAGRY: To visit Badagry is to experience and go through the days of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. However Badagry isn’t just about the slave trade, the town is also about its people, who are into fishing, the salt trade, and coconut processing. A day trip to Badagry should include a visit to one of the many museums that stand as a memorial to the victims of the slave trade.
  • EPE is a Yoruba speaking town about 60 kilometres from Lagos and was established as a port for pre-colonialism to trade with the Dutch and Portuguese. It is presently known as the largest fish market in the southwest and you can get a taste of local life. The fish market is also known for selling exotic freshwater animals. Epe’s best-kept secret is its clean and quiet beaches, where the water is great for surfing at certain times of the year. Epe also offers you a couple of resorts also. Epe fish market



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