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Here are the quickest way to tell if your relationship is about to hit the rocks

Here are ways to know if your relationship is ending soon.

Here are the quickest way to tell if your relationship is about to hit the rocks

Relationships end for different reasons and problems they do, some might be intentional and others might just be because it has run its cause and the end date has come. A breakup is often the result of repeated periods of unhappiness and doubts either for you, your partner or in fact, both of you but sometimes it just comes out of the blue.

So here are warning signs that you should look out to know or gauge if your relationship is about to end.

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  • You don’t laugh and talk as much as you used to: One of the things that makes a romantic relationship happy is the fact that the couple can talk and laugh about anything. They have their own inside jokes etc. When this is absent or taken away from a relationship, all you have is an empty tomb.
  • One of you is pushing for more commitment than the other wants to give: Commitment to a relationship is dependent on the parties involved in it. If they are not willing to put the work in, it begins to feel like a drag. In this case, if one party is doing all the work and the other is putting little or next to nothing, it is about to hit the end.
  • One or both of you often feel hurt, let down, frustrated, angry, taken for granted, ignored or simply bored: Hurt, Anger, Boredom and some of the other things listed are reasons why a relationship might end. If any of these emotions continue to be at the forefront, you could as well say your goodbyes right now.
  • You live like ‘brother and sister’, or friends without passion: Hello Sir or Ma, it is not a platonic relationship, it is a romantic one. Yes, you should be friends but you should not be friends without passion burning between both of you. This will probably end the relationship sooner than you think.
  • Issues from the past keep coming up without ever getting resolved: You need to resolve issues as they come up, not avoiding them but addressed quickly so everyone moves on. If you and your partner are in the habit of ignoring issues or acting like they do not exist, you will find yourself in a ditch before you know it.
  • Something just seems to be missing either emotionally, physically, socially or spiritually: A couple has to be in sync in all aspects of their lives together, this is the only way that it could work out. A balance needs to be found.
  • Disagreements escalate quickly into full-blown rows more and more often: If you realise that both of you are short-tempered towards each other which was not a thing when you started dating, you need to talk about it maturely. Disagreement are bound to happen but the frequency of the said disagreements are what should be on the low.


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