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Here are some easy ways to make your outfit look expensive even if they are not

You may not have the money to buy expensive clothing but you can still make it look that way.

Here are some easy ways to make your outfit look expensive even if they are not

Looking expensive does not actually have to be expensive. We do not mean that it is cheap but your outfit can still look good even if you do not get it from a high-end store.

Stylish women are flawless, but not overdone, they have is impeccable fit, their style is simple and they also don’t look like plastic even though they are wearing basics.

They let their own features shine even though they do not have access to top labels, pulling off the same looks without spending a fortune and focusing on a few updates while paying extra attention to details.

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  • Know where and when to Splurge, Spend and Save: To pull off looking expensive while still staying within a normal budget you need to learn the art of mixing high and low pieces together.  It is important to understand where to put your money and how to split your budget. Make sure they are in these three categories: Splurges, Spends, and Saves.
  • Get Over Your All Cotton Wardrobe: Your wardrobe cannot be polished and elevated if all you have are wash and wear pieces. You need pieces with structure, some lining, better blends and a few delicate details, all of which require extra care in washing.
  • Pay Attention to your Accessories: Knowing how to pair accessories is important. Be sure that everything is in good condition including shoes, belts and bags which should be clean and polished. When you are purchasing accessories, let your thought pattern be, the simpler the better, especially if you are spending less.
  • Focus on Healthy Skin and Simplify Your Make Up: Once you get a routine for your skin and it is in great shape, you will find out that you need less makeup. Instead of piling on layers, you’ll let your skin shine through and use specific products to enhance your best features.  Too much makeup cheapens your overall look. Stay diligent with your routine, and drink lots and lots of water, It will make all the difference.
  • Your Grooming Matters Most: One thing you can do to add a luxurious element to your look without buying a new piece of clothing is taking your personal maintenance up a notch. It usually makes you look 100% better and it’s a difference-maker. Even if you are just in jeans and a tee-shirt, if you are well-groomed, you’ll look fresh and shiny, even if your feeling exhausted and worn out.


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