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Here are Some Activities That Introverts Can Enjoy in Lagos

Introverts can also have fun in Lagos and these are some activities.

Here are some activities that Introverts can enjoy in Lagos

Introverts think they have no avenue to have fun. Most have simply been wishing for some alone time while still wanting to have several activities to choose from that will entertain, teach, and introduce them to some of the things that they are surrounded by.

Well, look no further, help has arrived for all Introverts in Lagos.

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  1. Beaches, Pictures and Sunsets: You can take an early morning trip to one of the beaches in Lagos or go skiing, boating, or fishing at Lekki Leisure Lake. You can prefer to stay on the beach in the afternoon and soak in the sun while reading, hunting for beautiful shells, or people watching. As the evening beckons, go for a long walk, take great pictures, listen to music from of the several live bands that frequent the beaches.
  2. Soak in the culture and expand your mind: Go and experience the past of Nigeria at museums or put in some reading hours at the library. Go watch a play or concert at the Muson Centre or nature watching at  Lekki Conservation Park.

  3. Spoken words, book readings, art exhibitions: There are no limits to the amount of fun artsy introverts can have in Lagos. Attend and participate in the spoken word evenings held at Bogobiri House. Browse through or buy art at Rele Gallery or any of the great art galleries both on the Island and Mainland. Attend book readings, buy books at bookstores or hunt for classics at Ojuelegba Underbridge, the Yaba bus stop, Marina, or Ikeja along the railway line.

  4. Taste of Lagos: There are so many dining options throughout the city of Lagos and it may be hard to narrow down your options. Eat breakfast at Pancake Hub, Grab some coffee at Jazzhole. Enjoy a buffet lunch at any of the great local restaurants in Lagos. You can also become part of the ‘streets’ by enjoying street food at Ojuelegba, Obalende or Yaba.

  5. Keep Moving: Fitness geeks can go jogging on the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge but if you are an introvert to the core, you can do indoor workouts in a dance studio like Body language Studio in Mushin and learn how to do the Bàtá or salsa or meditate in a yoga class. You can also swim at the Lagos Country Club or play basketball, football, golf, or baseball at any of the stadiums and sports clubs in Lagos.

  6. Go shopping: You can buy clothing materials at the open markets of Balogun or buy fruit at Jankara Market. Wake up early and go to the fish market in Epe and take pictures of the women selling fish directly from the water. If you are in an upscale mood, pop into any of the fashion boutiques on the Island and Mainland.



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