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Here Are Five More Unexplainable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused

Coincidences happen every now and then. You might be thinking about something and you discover moments later that it has become a hot topic in the news. When such things happen, they are usually considered minor coincidences.

There are other kinds of coincidences, however, that are more profound and leave people without an explanation. When it comes to those, it is difficult coming up with any logical reason as to why they happened.

It’s always intriguing to learn about such coincidences. That’s why we’ve prepared five more examples from history that prove the world is a mysterious place. Read the first list we prepared here. From a real-life case of doppelgangers to a cursed car, here are popular coincidences that will leave you confused.

A man saves falling babies twice 

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In 1937, a man named Joseph Figlock happened to be working below when a mother accidentally dropped her baby from a four storey building. Luckily, the infant hit him in the head and survived. A year later, another mother was in a high-rise building when she accidentally dropped her baby.

Again, Figlock happened to be directly below sweeping an alley. The child fell on his head and both of them survived. It is interesting that a man was at the right place at the right time two years in a row. It is even more interesting that two mothers were so irresponsible to allow their babies fall from a window within the space of two years. Weird!

The Deus Ex twin towers omen

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In 2000, a PC game called Deus Ex was created. When the artist of the game was creating it, he forgot to add the twin towers to the New York city skyline. Some people believe that the memory constraints involved made it impossible for him to add the towers while others thought he simply forgot.

Eventually, the artist had to come up with an in-game explanation for the omission of the towers. The excuse was that a terrorist attack was responsible for the twin towers not being present in the game.

As weird as it sounds, a year later, a real terrorist attack took down the twin towers in New York City. There’s no way that the creators of this game knew this would happen a year later after they came up with that explanation. This is indeed a very spooky coincidence.

Archduke Ferdinand assassination coincidence 

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Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in a car with a license plate that read “A111-118”. When it first happened, nobody thought anything was wrong. It is the events that followed that left a lot of people in shock. After the assassination occurred, an interesting event took place. A war broke out and ended in an armistice on November, 11 1918. Interestingly, the license plate number of the car that the duke was assassinated in was a strange omen. The number “A111-118” represents the following:

A stands for Armistice

111-118 stands for the date that the war ended – 11-11-1918. Do you see the similarities?


James Dean’s bad luck car

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James Dean was one of Hollywood’s most popular actors in the 20th century. He died in a ghastly car accident while driving in his porsche. After the accident, the car was taken to a mechanic for repair.

The mechanic was working on the car when the engine suddenly slipped out and shattered both of his legs.Years later, a doctor bought the engine to put in his racing car. He was killed not too long after while racing in the car.

Another driver, who purchased the drive shaft from James Dean’s porsche died in the same race as the doctor. Following this accident, the garage were James Dean’s car was repaired was destroyed in a fire.

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The car, however, was almost intact and was sent for exhibition in Sacramento. During the exhibition, it fell off its mount and broke a teenager’s hip. Eventually, the car broke into 11 pieces mysteriously while it was sitting on steel supports. The car no longer exists!

A case of doppelgangers

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King Umberto of Italy decided to visit a restaurant one day. After a thorough search, he found the perfect one. He and his aide entered the restaurant and went to look at the menu.

When the owner of the restaurant came to take the King’s order, the two men were astonished to find that they were literally twins. Not only did they look alike in face but they also did in stature. Later, they also discovered that they were born on the same day, in the same year, and in the same town!

They also learned that they both married women named Margherita . The restaurant owner opened his place of business on the same day that King Umberto was crowned King of Italy. On July 29, 1900, King Umberto learned that his doppelganger, the restaurant owner, had been killed in a mysterious shooting accident.

While he was mourning the loss of his friend, the king was assassinated by an anarchist in the crowd. Were these just mere coincidences or were these two men doubles from parallel universes. We may never know.

Which of these coincidences shocked you the most? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.


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