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Here are a few things that happen when you become a well dressed woman

Just incase you don’t have an idea what happens when you dress well. This post, you should read.

Here are a few things that happen when you become a well dressed woman

Does the idea of turning heads when you walk into a room, feeling confident in your heels, and living your life to the fullest potential every single day give you a lot of inner pleasure? Then this article was written for you in mind.

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Are you ready?

    1. High calibre men check you out: Wiiiuuunnnnnnnn. Whether single of full-fledged married, men of a high class and standard will be constantly checking you out on a daily basis. You will be the one tired by the end of the day.
    2. High calibre women check you out: Chhhheeeeeiiiiii. If you think Men checking you out was the cherry on the top, you do not know anything. Have you seen where a group of women are checking you out and greening with envy? Baby girl, that is the cherry on top.
    3. Your posture improves: Have you heard the phrase, walking with your head held up high? That automatically happens when you dress well. Trust us, we know these things.
    4. Your self-confidence increases: When you dress well, your confidence level spikes off the roof. You begin to ooze of confidence so much, nothing or no one wants to dare stop you.
    5. Which makes you smile more: Oya show me your 32 or 30 depending on what has happened over the years. Look, dressing well makes you smile more which in turn, makes others smile at you more.
    6. Random people ask you for style advice: I mean, who would not seek advice from a woman who is looking so good? Who would not want to be schooled by such a well-dressed woman?
    7. People become jealous and make insecure assumptions about you: Haters will begin to concoct different lies and rumours about you but we know that they are only peppered by your outfits every day.
    8. Most people however admire and make good assumptions about you: The ones that understand style and fashion will admire such an outstanding approach to looking good daily.
    9. Your social circle may upgrade: Do you remember that Beyonce’s song? That is exactly what your clothes will do to you. They will upgrade you to the point that you are now sitting at the table of people you once upon a time looked up to.
    10. You try hard not to judge people’s bad style, but can’t help but pity them a little bit: Because you have been there before, once upon a time and you know they could be so much more if they just stopped and took their outfits a little more seriously.


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