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Here are a few feminine tips we believe you should already know but you don’t

Do not tell us that we have not done anything good for you in this month Ladies.

Here are a few feminine tips we believe you should already know but you don't

Every woman has grooming techniques that she learnt, either from magazines and websites, professionals, family, parents, friends or even through experimentation.

Everyone had to learn from somewhere or someone and think that what they have is the best but we can convince you {through this post} that there are tips that no one taught you and you have not learnt by yourself even though they are important.

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Note that grooming correctly isn’t just shallow or vain because the way that you look and feel have been known to be often connected.

  • Water Matters More Than You Think: We are not referring to the kind of water you drink or cook with but the water that’s used on your body.  Just in case you did not know, washing your face or body in hard water can lead to skin havoc as hard water contains calcium, magnesium, and iron, which can lead to dry skin and they can also dry on your skin, which can lead to clogged pores, flaking, and itching.
  • Keep Wipes Handy: Our country is not particularly a clean one. Dust and dirt can be transferred via different means from hand to face, hand to mouth etc Wipes help in cleaning your hands or face without looking for water and soap. Find one that is comfortable with your skin and stash some in your bag so that your skin never has to go without it.
  • Be Gentle When Washing Your Face: Some of you think that you need to scrub your face forcefully in order to effectively clean it. The truth is you are actually doing yourself some harm. Harsh scrubbing and pulling on the skin isn’t good for it, instead, gently massage in circles, use plenty of water to rinse well.
  • Moisturize With Oils: Male, Female, Adult, Children, moisturizing is important for everyone especially with the season that is nearly upon us. Oils can play many functions on our body from the head to toe.
  • Shave Pubic Hair With , Not Against The Grain: You might think that you know every shaving hack out there to get smooth, soft skin, but we can guarantee that you did not know shaving in the direction the hair grows, rinsing off the blade after every few strokes, and using a safe moisturizer afterwards can help minimize any irritation. Told you. Your skin down there is super sensitive and you need to be conscious so as not to cause unnecessary harm or discomfort.


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