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Here are a couple of things that you should never hide from your partner

Hiding the things on this list is a BIG NO-NO.

Here are a couple of things that you should never hide from your partner

According to the English Cambridge Dictionary, Secret is a piece of information that is only known by one person or a few people and should not be told to others. Just in case you cannot remember what the definition of a secret is.

In a relationship, the dynamics are pretty much the same, meaning that you should not keep any piece of information from your partner, any piece of information, intentionally withheld that will be of concern to your partner.

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As far as you are keeping vital information, whatever your reasons are, it is still a secret.

Here are a couple of things that should not be kept from your partner.

  1. NEGATIVE EMOTIONS TOWARDS YOUR PARTNER: If you are going about carrying a grudge against your partner, you should end it immediately. Regardless of whatever they have done to you, you should not keep quiet and keep it all in. Talk about it with your partner, get it off your chest and then go from there.
  2. INFIDELITY: Unless you are are having an open relationship or marriage, Infidelity is a big deal. It does not do you any good to try and swallow the guilt that accompanies cheating or keep quiet thinking it will never see the light of day. When you do this, you are being unfair.
  3. SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROBLEM: If you are addicted or have a substance abuse problem, you should inform your partner immediately. There is nothing more terrible than finding out your partner is struggling and you had no idea. Substance abuse can be overcome and having the support of a loved can go a long way in helping.
  4. HEALTH CONDITIONS: If you have any major health conditions, the acceptable thing to do is inform your partner. Why would you keep something as huge as that? Telling your partner about any serious health issues or challenges is both moral and justified.
  5. FAMILY PROBLEMS: We are not talking about your In-laws, please. That one is your cross, carry it. We mean if there are underlying issues in your family that has probably been going on for years, informing your partner is definitely the right thing to do.
  6. CRIMINAL RECORD: If there is something in your past as huge as a criminal record, why on earth are you quiet about it? Especially if it might come out in the future? Yes, you are ashamed and revisiting the past is not polite but there is a need for you to own up to it seeing as it affects the life of someone else.


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