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Here are 7 Signs That he Wants a Relationship With You

Want to know if that man is really into you? Then you should read this.

Here are 7 Signs That he Wants a Relationship With You

Have you ever wondered if a particular man is serious with you and wants to be more than your friend? Do you know when to open the gates of the friend zone and allow your friendship to evolve into something better?

Well, there are certain signs that a guy is actually serious about wanting to be with you, you just have to be insightful enough to take note of the certain signals that he might be sending your way.

Here are 7 signs that you could watch out for to know if a man is actually interested in getting into a serious relationship with you.

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  1. He opens up about the intimate details of his life: We know that Men are usually closed mouth about intimate stuff so if he opens himself up to you in ways that he wouldn’t really do with other people and tells you intimate things about himself, then you should keep an eye out for him.
  2. He makes plans in the relationship with you: Ladies also know that most Men tend to be quiet about discussing the future and just prefer to go along until they either pass or score but if he shows a willingness to discuss the future with you early on, making you feel like there is a future for your relationship, then he’s a keeper.
  3. He always keeps his promises towards you: If he never goes back on a promise with you especially if he can help it and always tries his best to stick to the commitments that he makes to you then you should give him a chance especially if he is never above apologizing to you when he disappoints.
  4. He makes time for you and the relationship: No matter how busy he might be, he always makes it a point to spend time with you. He understands that your relationship is never going to move or grow if he does not make you a priority. Any man who does this should certainly be considered.
  5. He defines the relationship with you: What this means is that he actually defines what both of you are – which is an item. He does not leave room for uncertainty and confusion as to what the two of you are. He always makes sure that you feel safe and secure in your place in the relationship and never makes you second-guess what you mean to him.
  6. He stays honest with you: This man knows that it’s always best for him to be real with you because he always wants to be worthy of the love and trust that you give him. A man who will never betray you in any way, shape, or form is one that wants a relationship with you.
  7. He does whatever he can to make you happy: The final telltale sign is he considers your happiness to be his own as well. He goes out of his way to make you happy because he just loves seeing a smile on your face knowing that he has made your life as easy and as comfortable as he can.


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