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Here are 6 Things to do Before you Visit Nigeria

Intending visitor to the beautiful country called Nigeria. Here are 6 things you should do.

Here are 6 Things to do Before you Visit Nigeria

Nigeria popularly known as Naija is a large and beautiful land. It is such a terrible thing to be seen as a negative place to visit by the media or even people that have not visited this great country.

Nigeria is full of fun, vibrant, vibrant and optimistic people although it may still have a lot of work to reach its full potential, it can provide you with the vacation that you need. So just before you hop on that plane to visit the giant of Africa, here are a few tips for you.


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  1. Get yourself a Passport and Valid Visa: It is definitely a no brainer that you not only need a passport but also a valid visa to enter into the country. Make sure your passport is updated and in good standing. Getting a visa can be tedious and that may be due to the fact that we just like stress in Naija.
  2. Protect Your Skin: Whether you know this or not, let me just say it, Nigeria is a hot and humid country. The country is generally warm year-round until Harmattan season so make sure you wear sunscreen at all times. Also, use a bug repellent lotion or spray, keep it handy to help prevent bites from any insect.
  3. Malaria is real in Naija: Before visiting, make sure that you visit your GP and get a prescription for Malaria. In Nigeria, you are able to purchase malaria medicines over the counter. No matter what medication you choose, be alert to malaria symptoms as they may not show for up to 2 weeks after contracting the parasite.
  4. Pack An Extra Suitcase: Whether you’re a tourist or a Nigerian living in the Diaspora, make sure to come with an extra suitcase. You will not realise how much you need it until you start all the shopping which will definitely include fresh ingredients crayfish, ogbono, egusi, etc. You can also wait until you get here to buy it as they can be gotten in the local markets or stores at the mall.
  5. Come with Accessories: Do not just come with chargers assigned to your phone alone. Get yourself a travel adapter/converter that has additional USB ports. Get power banks also. You will be grateful for the reminder to go with a fully charged portable charger.
  6. Download The Apps: For your own sake and ease of moving to and fro. Download Whatsapp, Uber and Taxify before you go. There are also several options to get around in Nigeria which includes getting a driver for the duration in which you are around but there are a few times that the transportation apps will come in handy.


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