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Here are 5 things you will never find attractive women doing


This post is written with attractive women in mind, to show you some things you should avoid to look your best. And, even though some of us have done more than a few of these things on the list, we can forgive ourselves for the blunders and without on without further ado.

So here are 5 things that you should not do.

  1. Hair stripes or highlights: If you want to dye your hair, please dye your hair. It is not a typical sane move to have different stripes of highlights on one day.  You should give yourself some credit and do the needful. Please stop the multi-colours on your head.
  2. Caking On the Makeup: This one might shake a few tables that our sisters or friends are on because some of them cake their face in the name of applying makeup. Layers upon layers caked on is not the way to go. Go for a really natural look with your makeup to bring out some of your wonderful facial features.
  3.  Chipped Nail Polish: We all have been guilty of this so many times and it’s something that needs to be addressed. If you want to look well put together – either reapply some fresh nail polish or remove it altogether. It might not seem like a big deal but chipped nails are tacky.
  4. Glittery Clothing: Glitter can be so much fun but it has its place. With your makeup, or for a specific event. But there is no need to rock it on your jeans, or jackets or tops. If you’re really in the mood for shine shine and feeling the need to use some glitter, apply it to your nails and not your clothes.
  5. Overly Long Fake Eyelashes: Please, we’re not saying fixing of eyelash extensions are bad, all we are saying is that if you’re wearing fake eyelashes, try not to have the one that looks like a mini umbrella or eyeshade. It is okay to fix some fake nails, painting in eyebrows and eyelash extensions, but they should still be excessive. So, please don’t wear extensions that will have us remembering Karashika when we see you.
  6. Wearing uncomfortable shoes: The moment you put on the shoes, you knew that they were uncomfortable, you knew but you still went ahead to wear it anyway. Sister, why have you decided to allow us to focus on the wrong things where you are concerned. If the shoes do not fit, if they are too high, if they are worn out, it will be better to wear something else.


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