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Henna and Its Return To Mainstream Fashion

Henna is back to the fashion scene and we are all here for it

Henna popularly known as laali in Nigeria is a form of body decoration and is popular in the northern part of Nigeria.

Majorly used by Hausa’s or Muslim’s for beautification of their body and also as a traditional adornment for everyday lifestyle, wedding ceremonies or any major event. It was regarded as having Barakah (blessings) and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. Today, it is worn as a fashion statement of its own. Henna is made from herbs which means it is all natural. The powder is extracted from the henna tree where the leaves are dried and grounded into a fine powder. This powder will then be mixed with water, oil and lime before applying it to the body.

This form of fashion was thought to be limited to women in the north, Middle East and Asia but times have changed as most young women are now picking up the trend which was very popular in the 90s. New styles, designs and innovative ways has given the tradition of being inked a contemporary edge.

The very fact that it is non-permanent, washes off after a few weeks and leaves no scarring is a good enough reason for most who jump on the henna train.This dye is also used on fingernails and the designs can be DIY or from someone who is creative enough. It gives a profound addition to your fashion statement and a plus to you as an in vogue fashionista.

Henna is becoming the new ‘it’ craze for many westerners and its been adopted as a tradition in their own way. Celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry have been seen sporting the new craze and posting pictures of it.

There are a couple of places especially in Lagos, devoted to inking with henna.

This fashion statement is no more a Muslim art form, it’s gone global now and it seems it will be for a while.


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