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Heart to Heart Q’s to Ask Your Partner

Confused on how to start a deep convo with your partner? Here are a few questions that would be of help

Heart to Heart Q's to Ask Your Partner

So you know how you’ve been dating for a while now and still not had a heart to heart conversation about anything. Well, I am here to help you get the ball rolling with a list of different question you can and should ask your partner while dating.

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  1. What are the biggest lessons you learnt from your previous relationship: Everyone who has had a past relationship should get one or two lessons out of it. It could either be what he or she could have done better or what they should not have done at all. There is always a lesson.
  2. What did you learn a little too late: Because we are humans and prone to error, there might be a few things that we realize later. Things we should not have done or things we should have done earlier.
  3. What was the best thing about how your parents raised you: We are a reflection of the parents that raised us and most times we do not get to appreciate their parenting skills until we are way older and wiser. It’ll be good to ask your partner the best thing about how he or she was raised.
  4. What is your tipping point: Every human has what make them tip over the edge into the person that you probably will not recognize. Ask your partner this question to know the red flags in order to prevent it. And also to help bring the person back to the safe side when it seems they are about to.
  5. What was/is your biggest mistake: Everyone makes mistakes, Yes and we move on from them as quickly as we can but there are some that stay with you as you grow and it never seems to want to leave you alone. Sometimes talking about it can help relive one of the guilt and also profer solution on how to move on. As they say, two good heads are better than one. But be sure you are ready for the answer to this question as it might open up pandora’s box.
  6. What is your take on money: This question will help you know where exactly your partner stands when it comes to money and having or spending it. It’ll help you know by their words if they are a spendthrift or spender. It will also lead to conversations about finance and how both of you think it should be managed.

Please note that these questions should not necessarily be asked together and at the same time. Also, choose a good time to pop up these questions okay?

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