Health Benefits of Garlic Extract Supplement


Aged garlic is an extraction of new garlic and mixture of vinegar that keeping at room temperature for over 20 months. The aging process removed the pungent odor of garlic and improves the nutrient content in the garlic more than raw garlic. Aged garlic supplements are completely odorless. These are the best supplement for heart-related diseases.

The Process of Aged garlic extract
It is the process of soaking garlic in vinegar or alcohol, which converts the inactive compounds into active compounds and enhance the nutritional benefits. The extraction process converts the unstable compounds into stable, odor generating compound allicin (responsible for odor generating), high bio-availability with the blood.

How aged garlic supplements are differing from garlic supplements
Aged garlic extract supplements have more health benefits than raw garlic supplements. According to clinical research, aged garlic extract has S-allyl mercaptocysteine (SAMC) which destroy the tumor cells in our body. It has more active and stable compounds which are not in raw garlic. It acts as health-promoting substances in the body. Aged garlic extract can take as aged garlic pills or capsules. Aged garlic supplements are the best herbal supplement to prevent cancer.

Health benefits of Aged garlic extract supplements

Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases
Aged garlic extract supplements are used for the preventing and protecting from cardiovascular diseases. Clinical research shows that garlic reduces the risk factor for heart attack, stroke. Aged garlic extract removes the plaque accumulation in arteries (supplies blood from the heart to tissues of the body) eliminates cholesterol block in the walls of the heart.

Fact File: Nigeria records 150,000 death annually due to heart disease.

Reduces blood pressure
Aged garlic extract supplements can be used to reduce hyper tension. This problem will be reduced by inducing nitric oxide which is elaborating the vessel for the smooth circulation of blood. Aged garlic extract enhances nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.

Fast Fact: 35% of adults also having hypertension in Nigeria

Aged garlic extract supplements have more anti-inflammation property and antioxidant property which elaborate the body tissue to more elastic and enhance the immunity power in the body. So it protects from inflammation affect to the body.


Manage cholesterol
Aged garlic extract supplements are maintained an optimum level of cholesterol in the body. Lecithin is a fat-soluble agent responsible for removal of bad cholesterol storage in coronary arteries, blood. If u taking aged garlic extract supplements for 2 to 3 months will manage your fat level optimum in the blood.fat is also important to our body to secrete a hormone, vitamin D but it exceeds the normal rate in the blood leads to heart diseases.

Boosting immunity
Aged garlic extract supplements perform as an antibacterial or anti-fungal agent to fight bacteria in our body and tumor cells. It increases the reaction of the immune system in the body to protect from diseases. It acts as natural killer (NK) cells, macrophages and inhibits the production of cytokines which control the immune system.

Increase sexual activity
Aged garlic supplements increased the blood circulation in the body. Aged garlic extract has Aphrodisiac (substance or drug induce the libido) to boost the healthy sex drive even after menopause.

Reduce stress
Aged garlic extract has an anti-depression property which maintains the stress in our body. Aged garlic has sulfur soluble compounds, vitamin B6; vitamin B12,a natural emotional, stress control factor of the body. There are many alternatives are available for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression, though, an aged garlic extract supplements natural anti-depression agent in the body.

Reduce yeast infection
Aged garlic extract has the good amount of antibiotics; it reduces the yeast infection in the vagina of women. Vaginal dryness, itchiness have been felt by women because of yeast infection, aged garlic extract act as an antibiotic agent to kill the bacteria.



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