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Having The Right Attitude

Having The Right Attitude

What Are You Really Saying?

We have control of our attitude. How we respond to circumstance determines our attitude. The circumstance itself should not control our attitude, else we become manipulated like puppets by the environment. Our minds strongly determine the control we allow ourselves over our attitude.

We can respond positively with self-control or negatively with anger. It’s how we react to situations, not the situations themselves, that influences our attitude. Environment only influences us to the point that we allow it to influence us.

Your life is judged not so much by what happens to you as by the attitude you display the face of what happens. Your mental picture of the environment is the determining factor in the control you have over yourself and others.

One truth about bad feelings is that it often goes unnoticed. We cause them to occur, not the environment. An external dilemma presents the challenge to us and waits for a reaction. So we must concern ourselves with our reactions instead of the circumstances involved.

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What happens to you is not a function of power but what happens inside your mind and within your reactive control is a function of your power as a man. This is very evident in the world of sports today with younger and younger athletes obtaining more and more money and fame which they mistake for power. Then they show how much true power they have in their reaction to unfavorable circumstances. In life there are two dominant forces, external and internal. We have very little control over external phenomenon such as the way our coach coaches, the way the referee makes a call, the way an opposing athlete plays us. What really shows the character of the man is the internal reaction. How do we respond to those predicaments? Over that we have complete and utter control.

So, What Now?

No one can make you do anything, you have control within yourself. The problem is not the other person; it is the way you behave to the other person.

External phenomenon can’t make you poor, only without money. Being poor is an internal mindset. Being without money is only an external situation.

Life at any time can take fateful twists and turns. Winning the race of life depends on how you respond to whatever twists and turns you must make to stay on the right track.

You can’t always control your environment, but you can always control your attitude.


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