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Have You Told Your Partner any of These Recently?

Here are 6 words that your partner should hear frequently.

Have You Told Your Partner any of These Recently?

Like I have said a couple of times on the relationship posts, keeping a happy and healthy relationship isn’t an easy task.

There are things you need to say and do constantly so as to keep the relationship intact and fresh. Check out this post and ask yourself if you have told your partner any of these recently.

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  • I Love You: You would think that these three magical words. will be on the lips of every person in a relationship but that is far away from the truth. If it is not a habit of yours, make it a daily one to tell your partner you love them, don’t think just because they know it already you shouldn’t say it. You should Say I Love You because you do.
  • You Mean The World To Me: Nothing is larger for your partner than knowing they mean everything to you. You mean the world to me is definitively one of the sweetest things you can say to your partner as long as you mean it. Knowing that no one else in the world makes you happier or makes your life better is an awesome thing to hear so make sure it is being said.
  • I Want To Be With You: Words make a lot of things beautiful in a relationship and when they are backed up by action, it is breathtaking. Even if you’ve been together for years, it will make them smile and reassure them of your love

  • I Love It When You…: When last did you flatter your partner and compliment them on the smallest of things. Doing that actually lets them know you still pay attention to everything they do and you still love them for who they are. Tell them they look great, they smell great, just think of anything that can make them happy and smile.
  • You Are Handsome/Beautiful: Physical attraction isn’t the most important factor in any relationship but it’s there and it is necessary for relationships. When you tell your partner they look good, it makes them feel confident and allows them to feel amazing the whole day. Tell them they’re beautiful or handsome, tell them they smell great, tell them their smile is the best etc.
  • I Respect You: Respect is very important in every relationship. By telling them you respect them, you’re letting them know that they always have a supportive partner and a person who is proud of them even with their smallest of achievements. It is a  mutual requirement for every relationship.


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