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Have you been noticing some of these signs lately? You might be depressed without you knowing it

Have you being noticing some of these signs lately? You might be depressed without you knowing it

Depression is one of the major problems man had to deal with in modern times. Unfortunately, it is not a subject that gets talked about enough. As a result, a lot of people suffer from depression without even realising it.

Thankfully, this post covers some of the hidden signs of depression that you should look out for.

Constant tiredness and lethargy 

It is normal to feel down and tired sometimes because some days are just like that. However, when you’re feeling so low and tired that you don’t want to get out of bed on some days. If you notice this occuring for some days even when your routine has not changed, then it might just be a sign that you are in fact depressed.

Your self-esteem is not the same

When you’re depressed, there’s a high chance that you may start seeing yourself in a bad light. You may have a higher tendency to dwell on your past failures and your mind may be filled with mistakes you’ve made. This can make you to start seeing yourself as worthless and could end up affecting your self esteem. A drop in self-esteem is correlated to suicidal thoughts. So, if you find that your self esteem is low and you’re having negative thoughts, try to seek help from a professional. Remember that you don’t have to suffer in silence.

You have concentration and memory problems 

Having concentration and memory problems may just be signs that you are depressed. You may find that you’re forgetting important details or you might have trouble remembering names. You may also find it difficult making decisions or paying attention to little details. While this may be a sign of something else, it could also signify depression.

You lose interest in hobbies 

You stop finding joy in the things that once brought you pleasure. You may no longer feel the desire to enjoy your favourite food, TV show, or video games. Even hanging out with friends or people you love may just not do it for you anymore. You may also find that your sex life has decreased drastically. If you’ve consulted a doctor to find out the reason for your low sex drive and nothing was diagnosed, then depression might just be the culprit.

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You have trouble sleeping

Another aspect of your life that could be altered by depression are your sleeping patterns. You might experience insomnia or you may find that you’re sleeping for longer hours. Depression can cause you to lose energy. As a result, you may want all day in bed doing nothing and with no desire to get get up. While this may be a sign of another thing, it is still a good idea to investigate what may be causing your it.

It is important to note that all these may be a sign of something other than depression. If you experience any of them, go for medical checkup before coming to a conclusion.


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