Hair Dye: Is It Damaging Your Hair & Scalp?


The trend of hair dyeing has become very popular these days. Trying vibrant and bold hair colors can transform your entire look. Due to the invention of advanced cosmetics, achieving your perfect hair color is no more difficult.

You can select any color of your choice, however, there are some people who mix two or three shade for their desired hair color.

Initially, hair colors were used to cover grey roots but now the purpose of using hair colors is to change your look. People tend to get bored their same look that’s why dying seems a perfect solution. We all know that hair colors contain a number of harmful chemicals but a lush and magnificent hair look makes you forget about the damage.

Hair colors are comprised of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and various sanitizers. The harmful effects of these chemical compounds include premature hair greying, hair damage, split ends, and dull hair. You may have noticed that after a certain duration of hair dyeing, your hair starts to lose it natural bounce and shine. It only happens due to these harsh chemical products used in hair colors.

Hair colors not only affect your locks but also have a negative impact on your scalp health. You can bear any of the symptoms like stinging, swollen patches, Red skin, and scalp itching due to skin irritation.
Here are some tips that help you to maintain the health and beauty of your dyed locks:


• Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Usually, shampoos contain silicone, paraben, and sulfates which damages your scalp as well as your hair. It is a shampoo that purifies your hair and scalp and will maintain the natural balance of your hair.

• Avoid Hot Showers

Washing your hair with hot water extracts the natural moisture of your locks. It makes your scalp dry and can also be a reason for dandruff. Furthermore, people who frequently use hot water for showering are prone to suffer from hair fall.

The dull appearance of your dyed hair can also be caused due to using too hot water for a shower so, it is better to use lukewarm water for the maintenance of your hair color.

• Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Skipping the conditioner is the biggest mistake that we make while taking care of our hair. For those who have dyed their hair, this type of Conditioner is a must. It protects your hair colors, restores its shine after every wash, and make it appear silky, smooth, and shiny.

You can get into any of the super markets or shops around you to ask for the exact one that fit your hair make it a healthy one.


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