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GUYS: The Kind of Ladies you Should Give up on in a Relationship

Guys also deserve to be with good woman. Here are the ladies guys should give up on.

GUYS: The Kind of Ladies you Should Give up on in a Relationship

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a guy in a relationship is put your time, love and energy into a woman who does not deserve you.

Stop bending over backwards for women who would not do the same for you. It is your duty to guard yourself and give up on her and any toxicity she might come with.

We know most relationship posts do not address the guys, which is why this is here. So here a couple of ladies you should give up on asap.

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  1. Give up on the lady who does not have her act together: Do not waste your time in a relationship over a lady who keeps losing it, who cannot make things work for her but is always blaming everyone else for those said bad things. This kind of lady will drag you down if you do not let her go.
  2. Give up on the lady who is not willing to choose you: Don’t allow a lady who sees you as an afterthought, who sends you sporadic messages and who is not ready at the same level that you keep tagging along. Let her go
  3. Give up on the girl who keeps blowing you off: Just because she makes plan does not mean she is down with you. If she only bothers to text you every 3 days or phases in and out of your life, then it is time you make her not welcome in your life
  4. Give up on the lady who tells you she loves you but her actions do not show it: It is not love if she does not show it. If you do not feel it then it is not loving. There is a lady who will show you what love really feels like, so do not allow the wrong one keep you from the right one.
  5. Give up on the lady who does not make you a priority: If she is not ready to choose you, let her go. There is a lady who will put you above everyone else so do not waste your time on somebody who behaves like you are the least important person in their lives.
  6. Give up on the lady who blames you for everything: Do not allow her call you names or blame you for whatever she is going through or whatever bad thing is happening in her life. Never allow her to bring you down just so that she can feel better. Just walk away instead.
  7. Give up on the lady who gives up on you when you need her the most: Do not allow someone who won’t be there for you to be a part of your life.

What good is she to you if you cannot count on her ehn? Let’s read  your reactions from the comment box below. Thanks for your time.


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