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Guys: 6 Ways on How to Look Attractive

The keys to looking attractive as a guy is right in this post. You should read it.

Guys: 6 Ways on How to Look Attractive

Hello Sir,

Yes, you.

Don’t scroll past, please. You are the exact person we are writing this post for. You see this being attractive that we sometimes hammer upon, it is Sci-Fi or magic. It is basic addition(or subtraction) of clothing items when and where needed.

Today, we will take you on a step by step guide to hitting the nail of attractiveness on the head

Is it something you are ready for?

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Let’s start.

  1. Get a perfect haircut: Okay, maybe not a perfect haircut but at least something that works well with your face shape, this makes you look more attractive. If you have a perfect hairstyle with your face shape, you are one feature away to looking attractive. So get yourself a good barber that can do your hair justice.
  2. Always smile: If you smile frequently, people will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Smiling makes you look more attractive naturally. I am not saying you should go and open your mouth wide and start ha, ha, ha, ha. No, smile like gentlemen.
  3. Good social skills: If you have good social skills, you already beat an attractive guy who doesn’t have any hands down. Now if you look attractive and have good social skills, what do you think the girls will say eh? Improve your social skills today guy.
  4. Show some skin: I know you are wondering if I am asking you to show some man boobs or let your belly button show. That is so disgusting. What I mean by show some skin is fold your shirt sleeves or wear a t-shirt. By folding your t-shirt sleeves you show some your skin and by opening your shirt up two or three buttons you do that also. You can also wear shorts in the appropriate weather or season.
  5. Wear Black Color: Wearing dark colours make you look more attractive. Choose dark colours as they make you look more manly and luxurious. You don’t believe me? Try it first.
  6. Wear a Watch: Wearing a watch makes a man. Forget that we are Generation Z everybody looks at their device. It is such a coloured lie. Watches add detail to your style, make you stand out and leaves you looking like a real G in the process. So, don’t forget to get yourself a watch, a simple watch. Do not fret about it being big or small instead focus on the fit.


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