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Grooming and 5 Important Things Men Need to Note

Grooming and 5 Important Things Men Need to Note

This post is very simple and the aim is to help you note important things about yourself when it comes to grooming as the average black man thinks he has to ‘over-do’ so that he can be on the same scale as somebody else. He tries to make up by somehow doing too much instead of just embracing who he is and putting his best foot forward.

There should be no competition because there really is no basis for it. Here are 5 important grooming tips you need.

  1. Recognizing How Color Works
    Understanding the colour of your skin whether dark or light and the clothes that compliment will build a powerful image for any man. Knowing the colour of suit that works for your skin tone is sometimes all that is needed to stand out.
  2. Your Hair 
    Stop worrying about how to manage your hair, it is not that deep. The most important things are the right hair product, a brush, and a good haircut. Hair product because nobody appreciates dry scalp, brush because you’ll need to put it in the right condition every now and then and the haircut because it is needed to compliment your face and define your style. The haircut and how kept it is is what people will be looking at when they talk to you.
  3. Culture
    If you think culture does not impact your style, take a closer look at your wardrobe and fashion choices. Culture plays an important role as a black man. It is the same reason many black men have similar actions and habits. Culture shapes who you are, who you are defines your style. See, culture is at the root.
  4. Style
    How do you dress? This is important as it explains to a large extent the kind of man you are. Style is sometimes defined as expressing yourself through what you wear and styles range from Vintage, Casual, Sophisticated, Artsy to Sexy. Style is very much dependent on you as a person and this should be taken note of.
  5. Grooming in itself
    Grooming does not make you less of a man, it does not take away from your machoness either. It definitely does not add to it if we are being very honest with ourselves right now. The things that you do to make your appearance clean and neat does not reduce you in any way. Grooming makes things easier for you and everyone around. Trust me.

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Hope these 5 things came across as important because Fashion in its entirety is not just about the clothes, how they match, what is in vogue or not. It is also about the person. What he does even before putting on the said clothes.


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