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Good ‘Problems’ Well-Dressed People Have

Wanting to jump on the well dressed people train? Read this post to find out the good problems awaiting you.

Good 'Problems' Well Dressed People Have

This article will be describing what well-dressed people go through. It is more like a breakdown of the good “problems” that a man or woman who dresses sharp has to face every day.

Please note, this post is meant to be humorous and the things stated in it may or may not happen. Please do not take it too seriously if it does not happen.

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  1. Everyone Sees You As Some Expert: Well technically, if you dress sharp and right, there obviously has to be something you are doing. People will gravitate towards you like the Fashion expert and if you’re perceived as an expert in fashion, be honest, it means you do know a number of things about it.
  2. People assume you have money: People make assumptions that you have a truckload of money based on your clothes and even though it is true that you were not just handed down awesome clothes, it does not mean you have cash in excess. The one you have now, you got them through hard work.
  3. Your catch your Co-workers staring as you walk: They do not understand your wardrobe game and how you effortlessly slay all the time. They want to ask you but they are not sure how you will take it, so they settle for staring at you and wishing they were in your clothes, literally because you are giving them, all the time, Monday to Friday.
  4. Your partner is not sure whether to be happy or sad: Because people are staring and you are turning heads, your significant other is showing hints of over-protectiveness and you can’t blame them. There are those who smile as you walk by them and nod in appreciation. Trust us, your partner has a valid reason to be jealous.
  5. Unfamiliar People Act Super Nice: Are you ready for the breeze of friendliness that is about to hit you? The kind of friendliness that follows you everywhere? You get addressed as “Sir” or “Ma” quite a lot and they randomly want to do things for you with you asking them. It is the power of your sharp suit or perfectly tailored dress.
  6. You get mistaken for the Boss: Just because you are a good dresser, people tend to think you run the place or at least have some form of authority over a couple of things. This can be really awkward and can go in two ways, You as the hero(by being polite and saying you are just a customer too) or you come off as the villain(by brushing them off in a disrespectful manner). Either way, please note that you are not the victim.
  7. You receive a lot of compliments: It sometimes overwhelms you to hear how you are looking good every hour of the day. It’s really an uphill climb trying to stay grounded and humble because pride is just there knocking and then you have to smile sincerely, respond to “Thank you!” or “You don’t look so bad yourself!” without lying.The things well-dressed people go through everyday right?


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