Going Hiking? Here are 6 Essential Tips To Follow

Although not a popular activity in Nigeria, Hiking is a great way to spend free time outdoors. It can help you exercise your muscles, breathe in the fresh air and relieve stress. It is also a very good way of creating and building bond between friends and loved ones. Even though it is never easy to go on a hiking trail, it is sure to be a source of great fun and relaxation. So if you plan on taking a hike here in the country or when you go on vacation outside the country, then this one is for you.

However, there are a few things that can spoil your hiking experience. Simple things like losing your way or spraining an ankle can take away all the fun from your trip. So to help you have a memorable time on your hike, here are my top 6 important tips:

  1. Plan Ahead

Don’t just go into any hiking trail just because it’s a trail, plan first. Learn the logistics, master the layout of your intended trail, know the imminent weather conditions and of course plan for emergencies. This is the first step to having a successful hike.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Do not wear a pair of shorts when you know that you are hiking up a mountain that gets pretty cold. Believe me, it won’t go well. Always have an extra layer of warmth with you – even if you are not putting it on yet. Also, consider wearing clothes that do not soak and hold on to water. An also your shoes, please pay serious attention to your shoes. Always put on your most comfortable pair of shoes when on a hike. Blisters are not funny, don’t joke with them.

  1. Don’t Forget Your map, Compass and GPS

If you like, forget it na. I assure you, you will get lost. Lol. No, seriously, NEVER go on a hiking trip without at least two of the above listed items.

  1. Carry extra Food and Water

This is very important. You don’t know when you might run out of energy and need a little “boosting”. This is where you water and food will come in very handy. Always try to stay hydrated on your hike.

  1. Carry Basic Essentials

These basic essentials include things like fire-starters, tools, knife, etc. They are a compulsory necessity. Also, carry a small first aid kit and know how to use it.

  1. First time Short time

If its your first hike, make it a short one. Don’t just plan to walk 10,000km on the first try, take it slow. Also, know how to calculate estimated sunlight and while hiking, make sure you take short breaks from time to time.


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