Getting back to work after a long retrench? These Tips Works Well

Whether you are a full-time mum and you’ve recently decided to start working, or you just had a baby, had to go on a short break and now you’re ready to get back to work, this is for you. Getting back to work after a break can be both exciting and scary especially if you’ve stopped working for more than 3 months. This is a giant step you’re about to take and you wouldn’t want to mess it up.
The issue of finding a profession that’ll allow you cater for your family as well as matches your professional goals.

Here are 5 steps to help you re-enter the work force:

1. Focus on your strengths

Before you begin updating your CV, pause and check your skills, what skills do you have from your past career and what made you succeed? It might not be your level of qualification but your dedication to work and readiness to improve whatever organisation you are a part of, and that’s a strength. How did you make impact? Asking yourself this questions and answering them will give you the strength you assess where you’ll best be able to use your potential to the fullest.

2. Refresh your tech knowledge

We are in a technology world now, so no matter your skill, appraise your tech knowledge and if it’s not up to average, improve it. The more you know the more you are less likely to be hired, have a knowledge of Microsoft excel, word, analytics, and other tech related things. There are a lot you can learn online, a simple google search will help.

3. Be ready to adapt

The job you were doing some years ago may not be in the market anymore and if it does. it might require an expertise which you don’t have. So in your resume, hammer the thing you are passionate about and bringing talents to the company and to improve yourself. These days, jobs require having a range of skills, being open-minded and having a desire to contribute to an organisation you belong and the readiness to adapt to change.

4. Get ready

Know the latest trend in the market you are diving into, be proficient with the recent business collaboration and communication platforms, and endeavor to improve yourself before you go out there so your transition will be easy. When you are ready, when that new job comes you’ll be prepared to shine in your new job.

5. Be a team player

Reach out to people that are in the same field you are entering into so they can share their knowledge with you, attend programs that’ll help freshen up your skills and this will help boost your confidence.

The decision to go back to work is definitely an exciting one and there’s a lot to consider but you can do it when you are equipped with all this. Don’t hold yourself up in a just a place, seek for knowledge which in the end will pay off. Don’t waste more of your time, make some research and add to your level of competency. Thanks for reading


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