Funny But True! 5 Annoying Kinds Of Neighbors Most Nigerians Can Relate To

Funny But True! 5 Annoying Kinds Of Neighbors Most Nigerians Can Relate To

If you’re a Nigerian, then the chances are really high that you’ve come across at least two or three of these kinds of neighbours. Unfortunately, we can’t decide who are neighbours will be and we just have to accept what we get.

Below are 5 different kinds of neighbours you may be able to relate to.

1. The overly Friendly Neighbour

These are the ones you first meet when you newly move into a house. They are the first to greet and welcome you giving you update on the things you should know about the house. Initially, you think all is well but not until they start forming familiarity with you. You’ve barely known them for two weeks and they are already inviting you to their church. They also start asking you for different favours and they never stop. From matches to seasoning to toothpick, they always need one thing or the other from you.

2. The Snoopy Neighbour

This one is usually an elderly churchy woman who is alway up in everyone’s business. She knows what other neighbours’ kids are up to and she’s always reprimanding them about their dressing and “sinful” ways. These kind of neighbours are often after young eligible bachelors, inquiring why they’ve not yet gotten married and why they should stop bring different ladies to the house. They dare not see a young boy and girl gisting at one corner in the compound or else all hell will break loose.

They are always at your doorstep giving you advice on how you should park your car, throw your garbage and lock your doors. These neighbours have all the time in the world that you would wonder if they have a job.

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3. The Noisy Neighbours

These ones find every way possible to disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. They usually have children who can be heard jumping around from miles away. Every object in their home is a source of noise: their generator is a grinding machine and their TV is always at the loudest volume just so you know they’re watching Zee World or the latest football match. The people who suffer the most in the hands of the noisy neighbours are those who live in the apartment directly below theirs. These people always have to pray that the house does not collapse one day because of the loud thunderous sounds that can be heard from above. The noisy neighbours literally sucks away your peace of mind.

4. The Difficult Neighbour

The difficult neighbours have no atom of chill in them. They are the ones who complain about the pettiest things from how you spread your clothes to how your parking style is disturbing their car. In fact they always make sure they pay a visit to your house at least twice in a month to complain about one thing or the other from NEPA bill to trash disposal bills. It is so bad that sometimes you can recognise when they’re the ones knocking and you have to pretend you’re not in the house.

5. The Ones Who Love Crowd 

Today, their house can be a football viewing centre. Tomorrow, it can  be a studio. And the next, anyone passing by would think it is a nightclub. There’s never a dull moment with these crowd lovers. They know exactly what to do to draw crowds of people to their home and they relish this fact. To be honest, sometimes they can be fun. But you will surely hate them when you’re trying to study or you’r want to catch some sleep.

Which of these categories of neighbours can you relate to? If you did not find any description that matches your neighbor, you can add yours in the comment section below.


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