Funny and Unexpected Places Bed Bugs Could be Found

It may not be so funny when this bugs bites you in public places. Check below where they might actually be hiding


A bed bug infestation is among the most fearful, traumatizing nightmares a person can handle. In invading our special bedrooms, these annoying insects violate our most personal environments which can cause thousands of naira in unneeded damage.

The health risks they impose are also dangerous for you and your family. Bed bugs may not spread disease, but they bite their hosts, drawing blood and causing burning, swelling, and the potential for an allergic skin reaction. In short, they threaten our well-being and can be near impossible to eradicate without the help of a pest control company. This critters can make TV host to scratch his/her body even while on air LOL

But many people fail to realize that bed bugs can overrun other areas of the home besides the obvious mattress and box spring. When you hire a reliable bed bug professional, yes, i know what i am saying!  you can find them in your community. They’ll make sure to survey your space and check every last nook and cranny for a potential infestation. Experts know the intimate habits of the bed bug population and can anticipate their persistent lingering in all areas of your home. If you suspect your family is experiencing a bed bug infestation, consider the following places they may be lurking.

5 Unexpected Places Bed Bugs are Hiding

1. Couches and Recliners


Since bed bugs like to reside where they feed, your bed including its mattress, headboard, and box spring are their prime targets. But people lounge and sleep on their sofas just as often! Bed bugs love the tight crevices they find in recliners and other upholstered furniture. After biting someone, they like to retreat to a hidden space where they can digest their meal, making the protection of a couch cushion a perfect habitat. Be especially careful of recycled furnishings you pick up at yard sales or flea markets–they’re known to be popular breeding grounds.

2. Luggage

Bed bugs are consummate opportunists, and they love finding their hosts in busy environments like hotels and apartment buildings. When you carry suitcases and backpacks on vacation, you run the risk of bringing home an unwanted bed bug guest if you’re not careful. Bed bugs often go undetected, but avoid them invading your belongings by keeping luggage off the floor.

3. Clothing


People who hoard clothing or who fail to store their garments in an organized way are at risk for bed bugs traveling to other areas of their homes. While bed bugs don’t typically stay on their hosts’ bodies like lice and other pests, they like to take refuge in any space that is cluttered. Keep your wardrobe neatly folded and stowed away to avoid bed bugs making themselves an unwanted home on your floor or in your closet.

4. Nightstands/Dressers


People assume that bed bugs are only attracted to upholstered surfaces, but in reality, they like any place that provides seclusion. Inspect your nightstand and dresser drawers, paying particular attention to crevices or holes in the woodwork.

5. Carpet


If your bedroom features wall to wall carpeting, be weary of its edges where it meets the drywall and molding. Since bed bugs like to congregate, some may travel to nearby areas from the bed. When they find cracks in cornices or other ornamental features of your architecture, they’re sure to move in.



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