Fun Ways to Watch Horror Movies at Home!


The fun part of watching a horror/thriller movie is the suspense, incredible scenes, mind-blowing creativity and screams of excitement that follows.

Below are fun ways to watch a horror movie!

  1. Invite a companion (boyfriend/ girlfriend, sister, best friend)

You wouldn’t want to watch a horror movie alone and imagine seeing a ghost at your doorway or have nightmare and spend the whole night staring the ceiling in fear.

Invite your significant other, sister or best friend to watch a movie with you. They’ll keep you company and prevent you from getting too scared. Also, you can snuggle in your significant other’s arms, bury your face on his chest or make him put his hands around you when the movie gets scarier.

  1. Watch on a Friday night

The best period to watch horror is on a Friday night. You must have returned from work/school and Saturday is a period for rest. Watching horror at night makes it more fun and interesting.

  1. Turn off all the lights!

This might sound creepy but you enjoy a horror movie when all the lights are turned off, except the one that is being produced from the screen. You will have the feeling of sitting in a cinema when everywhere turns dark. Believe me, it isn’t that scary.

  1. When it is raining

Surprisingly, horror movies get more interesting and scarier when it is raining. After all, you have someone sitting beside you!

  1. Have a bowl of popcorn and bottles of soda drink

Watching movies gets more interesting when you stare at the screen and keep your mouth busy. Popcorn and movies are perfect combinations. Besides, you can bury your face into the bowl and focus on gulping your drink when scenes from the movie become gorier.

You can go to bed after having this fun experience. You just might be able to close your eyes!!!




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