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From the traditional to the modern fun oriented and realistic baby showers. Find Out The Quick Tips for Successful Baby Shower

From the traditional to the modern fun oriented and realistic baby showers. Find Out The Quick Tips for Successful Baby Shower

In this section we are discussing few quick tips for a successful baby shower. Baby showers are shifting. From the traditional to the modern fun oriented and realistic baby showers. Depending upon the ease and preference of the mom-to-be as well as the hostess.

There can be a great number of baby shower tips. From planning the baby shower. To inviting the friends to decorating the venue. To serving the baby shower food.

Whatever the case may be. The purpose of throwing the baby shower still remains to celebrate the occasion. While helping the expectant couple by giving them baby shower gifts.

The first concern while planning the baby shower is who should be the hostess? The older traditional rules suggest that close relatives should not host the baby shower. This would look like they are simply expecting presents and gifts. To be more realistic, the modern baby shower. Literally anyone can plan the shower. This would include family members, friends and/or co-workers.

Baby shower tips concerning if the mom-to-be can have more than one shower. Yes, a mom-to-be can have more than one baby shower. However, if there are more than one, the hostess of each would be wise to remember what the previous baby shower theme was. You don’t want to have the same baby shower theme at each party. Also, try finding out what baby shower gifts were already given to avoid duplicating the baby shower gifts.

Here are quick baby shower tips for hosting a successful baby shower party:

Send invitations in a timely manner. Around 3-4 weeks in advance to the guests who live near by. For long distance baby shower guests, around 4-6 weeks in advance.
Include directions in the invitations, you don’t want the baby shower guests to get lost.
Greet all baby shower guests at the door as they arrive. It shows how much you care for them.

Provide name tags so that everybody can identify the other guests easily, as they may not all know each other.

Introduce the baby shower guests to one another at the beginning of the baby shower party.
If you have a seating arrangement, sit people together who know each other or have something in common.

Engage the baby shower guests in some games so that they can enjoy their time and interact with each other.
If you have proper space and have a large hall then provide tables for your guests to sit and eat if a meal is planned. Please don’t expect them to eat with their plate in their lap.

Instead of placing gifts here and there, it is appreciated to bring the gifts to the mom-to-be as she opens gifts. Don’t ask or even expect her to carry anything, especially bulky items (before and after the pregnancy). Because the time of the baby shower is around 1-2 months before or after, she is likely to feel weak during this time.

Write down which baby shower guest gave which gift. This will help the mom-to-be when it comes time to send thank you cards.
Be sure to have enough baby shower party favors on hand. A little extra is good just in case!

Get the party started on time and keep events moving at a good pace. You would be surprised just how long it can take to eat, open presents, play games, talk and eat cake.
Walk guests to the door as they leave and thank them again for coming to the baby shower. Everybody feels special if they are given due attention.

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Baby shower tips for the hostess: You should understand that if you are hosting the party then you should show the utmost responsibility and carefulness. A well-planned baby shower would be appreciated by everyone invited. You are not just attending the baby shower party. You are also running and organizing it too. When serving food, serve mom-to-be first and then your baby shower guests. You as the baby shower hostess should serve yourself last.


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