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From Coca-Cola to Baskin Robbins, Check Out These 6 More Famous Logos And Their Hidden Meanings That You Never Noticed

From Coca-Cola to Baskin Robbins, Check Out These 6 More Famous Logos And Their Hidden Meanings That You Never Noticed

From Coca-Cola to Baskin Robbins, we come across multiple brands daily. But do we ever consider what their logos mean. In case you’re curious, we’ve covered the meaning of famous logos in a previous post (read here). Check out 6 more of such famous logos and the hidden meanings behind them.


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If you take a good look at the space between the “O” and “L” in the Coca-Cola logo, you will notice the Danish flag. This is a coincidence but Coca-Cola has used the symbol in its marketing campaigns in the Scandinavian countries.


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The famous car tyre producer has a logo in which the first two letters represent a car wheel. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go!


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The logo for the the audio product manufacturing company Beats by Dre is pretty simple. The logo comprises of a “b” enclosed in a circle followed by the brand name “beats”. The circle actually represents a human’s head and the b is drawn to look like the brand’s headphones. This is a brilliant way of humanizing the brand and allowing customers to see themselves in the brand’s headphones.


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The popular broadcasting company has a logo that represents a lot of things. First, one can clearly see that its logo represents a peacock. But why? The logo was developed in a time when colour televisions were being introduced and the network wanted black and white TV owners to adopt colour televisions. As a result, they went with a common slogan “proud as a peacock”, establishing that they were proud of their new colour system. Moreover, the six different colours of the feathers represent the six divisions of NBC.

Baskin Robbins 

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Baskin Robbins is known for its multiple flavours of ice cream (31, if we’re being exact). Take a look at the logo and you will see that number hidden between “B” and “R”. The number is drawn to look like the curve of “B” and the base of “R”. The logo represents fun and energy similar to how you will feel when you eat their ice cream.


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Vaio aka Visual Audio Intelligent Organization is famous for its technology, but not many people are aware of the meaning behind its logo. Vaio is a representation of the integration between analog and digital technologies in its products. The “v” in its logo symbolizes an analog wave while the “io” are made to look like 1 and 0, which are the symbols of a digital signal.

Which other famous logos have interesting hidden meanings? Share with us in the comment section below.


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