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Free Secrets to Shopping Like a Stylist

Check out these open secrets to shopping like a Pro Stylist.

Free Secrets to Shopping Like a Stylist

We all need to shop at times and the truth is some of us haven’t shopped in a long time. When you do decide to go shopping,  I want to tell you how you can make it the most effective experience possible.  Read these 7 top tips to on Shopping Like a Stylist to make your next shopping trip fun and successful.

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  • Do some online research first: Have a look at your local online clothing stores and see what prices are before heading out.  This will help you narrow down your focus and have a general idea of cost price.
  • Have a list: Make sure you write a list before you head out, know what you need so you can focus yourself and not be distracted.  It will also help you not buy multiples of the same garment which many people do when they shop without a list.
  • Understand your colouring and what suits you: Colour is the first thing to look at when choosing a garment.  If the colour doesn’t make your skin tone, no matter how great the garment is style-wise, it’s never going to look as good as it could or should.
  • Understand that clothing manufacturers don’t have you and your unique body in mind: We are all different shapes and sizes and not all clothing will fit you. Know when a piece of clothing doesn’t look good and say to yourself “this garment is not made to suit me” and put it down.
  • Manage your expectations: You may not find all the things on your list in exactly the way you want it and that is okay. But just because you haven’t found that great garment and you are going home empty-handed, doesn’t mean that next week that great piece won’t be available then.
  • Know your style pattern before shopping: If your shopping does not correlate with your kind of style, you probably have wasted your money seeing as the clothes won’t make you happy or feel great when you wear them. Make your you put your style into consideration before buying and not because it is in vogue.
  • If you’re not sure about a piece, walk away for at least 15 minutes: Distance and time will tell you how much you really love it and only buy a garment because:
    1. You love it
    2. It makes you feel great
    3. It makes you look great
    4. It suits your style pattern
    5. It fills a wardrobe hole


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